Thursday, January 27, 2011

sick, sick, and more sick

We're going on three weeks of having all kinds of different ailments.  Finally, after Trey was up most of the night with a stomah bug, I decided to officially call a sick day.  We'd been continuing on, even with all the illnesses.  I cleaned, scrubbed, and washed everything in sight downstairs.  All remotes, light switches, phones, wii controllers, and anything else has been cleaned.  I'm doing the upstairs tomorrow night and Saturday.  I'm washing everyone's bedding....again.  I just did it a few weeks ago.

Well, we have managed to keep busy with school, here's some of our shots:

Bug-a-bug's poster for the Great Barrier Reef.  We're studying Australia in Geography

Princess and her poster

Little Miss Trouble wanted to do one too, so I let her cut out photos from some magazines.

Everyone wanted to see pictures of our "lap" dog!

And this is what I spend most of my day doing, saving Monkey when she climbs and can't get down.

And here's Monkey with her daddy.  She loves when he comes home and she gets to wear his hats.

Have a great day everyone!


  1. So sorry you guys are still sick :( Get some rest and enjoy the day off.

    We here are all duly impressed with the size of Shadow! Wow! He is a big baby.

  2. Sorry you guys can't seem to get better! It's hard when you have a big family and it just keeps working its way around. You deserve a sick day!!

    Your dog is humongous! Wow! Does he have his own bedroom? :)

    Your little monkey is doing the same thing most of my kids did. Tori is the only one that didn't really climb on the table much. The other kids were constantly there - stuck until I would come rescue them.

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  4. It is so hard during winter to keep everyone healthy! We took over a month off from sickness but are starting in with colds again. Such is life I guess. Hope everyone is healthy soon!

    I love your lap dog! He reminds me of our black lab.


  5. Yikes!

    That's it. Just...


  6. Oh that's no fun! Having sick kids throws the whole house off... schedules, sleep, and of course the grouchies come in too. Add a Monkey (I had one of those too) and even if YOU are the one sick you'll have to be on the ball. Eek! Found you again through a comment you left on my blog a couple of years ago. I'm so glad I went in the comment file! :)


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