Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Summer plans

I still haven't been able to put my garden in.  It has rained almost every day for the last two weeks.  And I mean rain.....either drizzle all day long or major storms with over an inch of rain.  I was hoping for a little relief today and tomorrow but we have 70% chance of rain.  I think I'll just start building an ark.

Our friend  has put some cows out in our pastures.  The girls are naming them....pretty little girl names......I wanted Ribeye, Hamburger, and Steak, but they didn't agree.  He is renting the pasture from us because we don't have any animals yet.  It works out well for us, he's giving us 1/2 cow in return.  We just have to pay for the processing. 

Monday we get our chickens.  I still need to do a little reading.  The coop is all done and I'm hoping it will be warm enough to stick them out there.  I really don't want them in the basement.

TL still has about two weeks of school left to do for history and science.  He got behind on those assignments.  He'll be working on spelling, math, and Spanish this summer.  He's a little over halfway through his math book.  We didn't start it until Jan.  He also has to read every day.  I have a list for him to pick from this summer and he can also do his pleasure reading.

The girls have to work on math, spelling, and reading everyday. 

Trouble and I really need this summer to get her starting to read.  I end up putting her aside because she's playing or I'm busy with the bigger kids.  She's anxious to learn to read so I'm excited to have some time to spend with her.

The big girls will be honing up their baking skills and working on meals this summer.  I will be teaching TL how to grill and make side dishes.  IF I ever get sick again like I did last fall, at least they'll know how to cook more.  TL also has a ton of mowing to do.  We spent five hours the other day.  He rode the rider for about four hours and I pushed for about two.  We were desperately trying to get it done before the rain started again.  We almost made it and of course, with the rain we've had, we have to start all over again. At least gas prices have dropped to under $4 again. 

Last night was the last American Heritage Girls meeting.  The girls got their awards.  They are Explorers and worked on three badges with their troop and earned two on their own plus a service star.  Service stars are awarded for doing volunteer work.  As Explorers, they are required to do 10 hours to earn a star.  This summer they are attending a four day camp with all the girls in MN and a two night campout with their troop.  Should be a lot of fun!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

End of the year blues

It has finally gotten nicer outside.  I itch to be outside gardening and cleaning up but we desperately need to finish our school year.  We are ending at the end of the month, but continuing with a few subjects for thirty minutes a day four days a week. 

The big girls are going to focus on math and spelling.  They will also be required to read for thirty minutes a day.

TL has to catch up on some math.  His main focus will be spelling and Spanish this summer. 

And Trouble and I will be working on addition facts and reading skills.  She's behind for her kindergarten year.

I plan on taking July totally off.  The kids have camps and other activities to work on during that busy month.  We will start up again in August and continue until our "official" start of school in Sept.

I'm hoping this will help them catch up in the areas that they have fallen a little behind on.  This year has called for some big improvements for them all, but they still need help in these few areas.  This year was crazy with the move and then delay of moving into the house and my illness this past October. 

Have a wonderful week.  I will be praying for those families in Moore, OK.  I pray that they find the rest of the children and they are safe.  May God watch over the families and rescue workers today.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Farm life

Here's some photos of the farm, now that I finally have a camera!! Enjoy!  Will post more later this weekend.

Building the chicken coop inside the corn crib

TL hanging the tire swing

Raspberry and blueberry plants

Plum trees

Monkey enjoying the tire swing

Bug-a-bug enjoying the second tire swing.  I've been told we need to add two more.

Tree fort cut into the pines

Cherry tree lower left corner.  This is the view out onto the road and this was just this past weekend.  We're finally getting leaves on the trees now

Chicken coop (yes there's a door leading out for the chickens on the other side)


bug-a-bug resting
Two years ago a twister hit the area.  Both barn roofs had to be replaced and notice this tree right next to the house.  None of the branches were broken off by the just twisted all the of the branches so that they face south now. 
Little Miss watching daddy hang up the tire swings

Princess riding the mower.....I think that after mowing for a couple of hours, she'll be done with this