Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Heritage History

How many of us love history?  And really great living history books?  But, we can't afford to buy every single volume out there, especially because alot of the great ones are out of print and hard to find?

At the recent curriculum fair, I found an awesome company: Heritage History.  For a very reasonable $29.99, I purchased a CD of Early American Classical Library with over 65 books on it!!  The topics covered are U.S. History, Colonial Children, American Negro History, Military History, American Indian History, Regional History, Statesmen and Authors, and Exploration and Invention.  The books are broken down into Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

Also available are Young Readers, Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece, British Middle Ages, British Empire, Spanish Empire, Modern Europe, Christian Europe, Intermediate Readers, and Advanced Readers.

My question was, how do I find readings on Benjamin Franklin without sorting through all of these books?  Ask, and ye shall receive!!  On her website, the author of this program has graciously listed every major historical figure here. (you can access this by following the link for historical figures on the sidebar).  Once there, you locate the figure that you're looking for.  It will list a short bio and have a link to follow that lists all the stories that the character is listed in. 

She also has images, wars and battles, and maps listed the same way on the sidebar.

Another great thing, is that she has directions listed to download the books to your e-reader!!  Now, its super easy to read those books! 

And if that's not enough, she's also put together some fantastic study guides for you to use along with the books:

Heritage History provides notebook-ready Study Guides to accompany each of its Classical Curriculum CD's. Each Study Guides include a printed version of many of the study aids found on the corresponding Curriculum CD. These study aids include historical maps, outline maps, timelines, era summaries, character lists, and era specific reading lists. (taken from their website).

I have to say that I am thoroughly impressed with this inexpensive library.  Its perfect for my family, especially since we'll be living in our camper for about six months.  Its lightweight and easy to use and doesn't take up valuable storage space or cost a bundle.  I encourage you all to check it out!!  I can't wait until the fall when her new cd comes out!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Thanks everyone!

Thank you all for your kind wishes and prayers.  That virus really took a toll on the kids.  It ran for a straight week with high fevers, sore throats, croup, vomiting, and lingering dry hacking cough.  I let Bug-a-bug, Little Miss Trouble, and TL sleep in today until about ten.  They were the last ones to get it and not eating for 4-5 days really took its toll on their little bodies.  The girls were healthier before TL and they were still whiny and crying all day yesterday so I figured that they needed the rest!  TL is just starting to get healthy-only yesterday did he really eat, so it will take a couple more days for him.

No orders yet.  We're verbal for Lemoore, just waiting on the paper orders now.

I finished my classes.  I got an A in one and  a B in the one I thought I was going to get a C.  She must have felt sorry for me.  I had a solid A going into the final and I've had the professor for two other classes that I received A's in before, so she knows that I know my stuff.  I just had to get home to Princess that day.  Her fever was over 104 and I didn't want to leave her home, especially since daddy was gone.  It was the shortest final ever-I was there for 8 minutes!

Right now, we're busy trying to organize and clean out and weed out stuff.  I'm hoping to get a bunch done this week and hopefully we'll have orders this week or next so we can get our pack out dates.  Then its time to load up the camper with everything we may need for the next six months.  I've already started making lists and piles.

The sad thing is that I've been inspired by Extreme Couponing and although I think most of the people are ridiculous, there are good couponing lessons to be learned.  I've been shopping the sales and using coupons to save money.  And I've been saving alot.  I'm building a little stockpile-my goal is to get enough food for three months.  With the recent threat of active duty not getting paid, I see the need to stock up on some items.  Unfortunately, now I have acquired a little stockpile and have to figure out how to store it in the camper.  ugh

Have a great week everyone!!  I have ordered next year's curriculum so its on its way.  I needed to get that done before we lose a mailbox!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Finishing up and closing up

As we sit and wait for official paper orders to come in, we need to get some things cleaned up and organized.  Both hubby and I are finishing out our terms, mine ends today and his next week.  We have to pull the camper out and clean it good before moving into it.  I have to organize everything we need to live on for the next 4-6 months.  I also need to week through some things in the house.  Thankfully, I'd already started doing that so I don't have too much  more to do.

One of the things, I had to finalize was our plans for next year.  Since I won't have a  mailbox for the next however many months, I have to order all of our curriculum and get it before we leave the house.  Here's what I have lined up for next year:

Girls:  Daily Geography from Evan Moor
          We will be doing three continent studies using lapbooks from Hands of a Child:  Antartica, Africa, and Asia.  After each continent we will then do a habitat study:  grassland, polar, and mountian.  Then we will do a short study on an animal or two that we find in each continent.  I will probably use some free lapbooks I find on homeschool share.com for those. 
          Study of geography terms

TL:  Finish world geography from Trail Guide to World Geography
       Review geography terms
       Memorize major seas, lakes, deserts, rivers, and mountains

Girls:  Saxon Math
          Market Math from Remedia Publishers

TL:  Saxon Algebra 1/2

All will be doing different levels of Handwriting without Tears

Girls:  REAL Science-Life Science
TL:  Apologia General Science

Girls:  The Writing Menu
           Daily Trait Writing from Evan Moor
TL- SICC Level B

Since we won't get to finish up past the American Revolution with our move, I will pick up right after that and go through the Civil War.  I will use Truthquest History and History Through the Ages as our spines.  The girls will use the Truthquest Binder Builder and Timelines and Maps from A Journey through Learning.

All About Spelling-different levels for different kids

Growing with Grammer-different levels for different kids

Girls:  Little House on the Prairie books using the Prairie Primer and cookbook and the lapbooks from A Journey through Learning.

TL:  Vocabulary:  Wordly Wise
        Roots:  Continue with the study of Latin and Greek Roots
        Study of Greek and Roman Mythology
        Study of Shakespeare and one play
        Legend of Sleepy Hollow
        Tom Sawyer
        Animal Farm
        A Christmas Carol
        Lord of the Flies
        Journey to the Center of the Earth
         Sherlock Holmes
        Poetry study
        If there's time, Wind in the Willows

After reading my last post, my dad wanted to let everyone know that the casinos in CA aren't as nice as the ones in WA.  He's sad not to come back here either. 

Well, I'm off to clean up.  Kev left on Wed, and Princess got really sick on Thursday.  She's still running a fever and has a really bad sore throat.  Poor thing was so sick last night that I went this morning to take my final and only stayed for ten minutes.  I was too worried about her.  I did enough so that I should get a C in the class, not my usual A, but you have to do what you have to do.  I'm surprised that I've not run into this problem before. 

Have a wonderful week!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Not so good news

Well, with hubby's promotion, we're at the mercy of the Navy on where we're going.  We don't have official orders yet, but it looks like we're heading back to Lemoore, CA.

I'm trying to remain positive.  We've lived there before.  I fondly call it the armpit of America.  Sadly, it fits.

Its desert.  Its unbelievably hot during the summer.  I have to stop my degree until we go and get settled.  TL will no longer be able to do the style of taekwondo that he's doing now.  Its hot.  Its in the middle of nowhere.  Its far from family.  Did I mention that its unbearably hot?  We're going to be living in the middle of the cotton fields.

There's black widow spiders, fire ants, and flies like you wouldn't believe.  The fog is so thick in the winter that you can't see your car in the driveway.  Did I mention that it gets really hot in the summer?  Like walking on the face of the sun hot.  And by the way, for those dingalings that keep saying this to me-----NO!  Dry heat does NOT make a difference when its 120 degrees outside.

But, on the upside, I have some good friends there and more going.  We can go back to the really nice church I like.  Yep, that's about all I got right now.

Looks like we'll be heading out of here soon.  I'll have to change my blog name.  I'll have to call it desert dust or something like that.


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

To all my beautiful wonderful blogging friends!!  May you be blessed with a wonderful Mother's Day!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Photos from the pinning

So, the pinning has taken place!!  Yeah, we have a new Master Chief in the house!!!  (don't tell him that I still outrank him okay?  haha)

The Command Master Chief and the Maintenance Master Chief doing the pinning

Very proud of daddy!

So many stars!!

Master Chief!!

Results are out!!  Hubby made Master Chief!!

For those non-military people, Master Chief is the highest rank you can make in the Navy for an enlisted person.  We're so excited!!!!  Yeah!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Osama Bin Laden

Thankfully, the good news has finally reached our ears.  He is gone and no longer can plan horrific attacks on our country.  Sadly, someone will step up to take his place.  We still must be vigilant.

I remember 9/11 clearly.  I remember being in class (I was attending the local community college for some fun interior design classes).  My teacher ran to make some copies and came back stating that one of the trade towers had been hit by a plane, but he thought they were joking or had the wrong info.  A little while later, the head of the dept came running in: both towers were hit and so was the Pentagon.  We lived in Virginia Beach, only a few hours from there.  There was a mad rush out the door and cell phones were going crazy.

I made it home in time to watch the towers fall.  I then ran to get my kids and get them home as soon as possible.  My husband called from the base, he wasn't essential personnel but wasn't sure when he'd be home. 

He made it home a few hours laters.  We watched, prayed, and cried.  Story after heartbreaking story came on the air.  The faces of people looking for loved ones.  We were on the edge of our seats waiting for them to find people alive.  After a few days, we knew they wouldn't...our hearts ached.

When President Bush came on to announce that we would punish the aggressor, I remember my husband saying, "just wait guys, I'll be on sea duty soon."  Soon after he transferred to sea duty and we arrived in Japan.  Four weeks after arriving they were underway to the war. 

I'm blessed that my husband returned.  Whole.  Many did not.  Families that suffered during 9/11 are not the only ones that day, our entire nation suffered.  Military families have faced separation, anxiety, and fear.  Many military members did not return.  Many more have returned missing parts of themselves whether it be parts of their bodies or minds.

The death of bin Laden is a blessing.  Hopefully, it will not become a curse.  As a Christian I struggle with celebrating the death of a human being.  As an American, I can only say that I hoped that they wrapped him in bacon and stuffed his pockets with raw meat before they dumped him over.