Saturday, June 28, 2014

AHG Peace camp

Dad would be proud of Little Miss sporting his Vikings hat

Waiting for craft instructions

Lunch was a four foot and 3.5 foot pizzas.  Cooked outdoors in a giant oven that this couple tow behind their truck.  There was enough room in the oven to make six pizzas.

Little Miss and her bestie at the end of camp.  Tired but very happy!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Coming up for air

It has been a crazy busy month here.  TL and I were desperately working outside to build more garden beds and get the garden in.  The weed eating took a hit.....its currently about two feet high.  We were trying to get it done and caught up and then we got about a foot of rain in one week.  The garden is growing really well....but so are the weeds.

I was also desperately trying to write two papers for two classes that ended last week.  Thankfully I received two As but now I am really behind in house and yard work.

TL's off to summer camp this week.  I can't wait to hear how the white water rafting, paddle boarding, and kayaking were.  I'm sure he had a blast.  

Little Miss went to American Heritage Girls Peace Camp (for Tenderheart girls grades 1-3) with her best friend.  They had a blast.  I went for the entire first day but had to head home to be with the other girls and then went back for the morning and we headed home at lunch time.  We were sweaty and sticky from sunscreen and mosquito spray.  There were tons of mosquitoes.

I will upload pics later....the girls are watching Netflix and the internet is too slow.

So between all this and swimming in the pond, its been really busy here.  And this week and next our church is selling fireworks at the TNT stand to raise money for our children and teen ministries.  Busy busy.

The kids were less than excited that some of their school stuff has arrived.  I received all the science and the history books.  I'll hopefully be starting up designing the history program later this weekend.  We're supposed to have big storms rolling through again.

I'm also trying to get caught up on some quilting and hope to work on some scrapbooking this summer.  The poor three little kids don't even have an album!  ugh!  bad momma!

So, I'm off for now.  Take care all!