Thursday, July 22, 2010

My computer as a nasty virus. No I don't want to delete my security software, nor do I want porn icons listed for me. ugghhh. We're trying to get rid of it now and I'm stuck using hubby's laptop. The keys are too close together and it drives me crazy.

I have to final exams this week. One today and one Saturday. I will hopefully do well enough to get a B in each class. I haven't studied alot and the test today is worth 400 points. ouch. Pray for me please.

My friend's son arrived this weekend from Japan. The kids love him, but he and Trey had a fight yesterday. Both boys are really tired and today they're sleeping in. I hope it helps them today.

This weekend, by inlaws, brotherinlaw and two nieces arrive for three weeks. We'll be very busy and with all the extra help from the kids, maybe I'll get my lesson planning done!

Have a great week!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Civil War

I have two final exams next week adn should be studying. That's okay because Deadlist Catch distracted me last night too. And we're in the middle of birthday week-daddy's was on Monday. TL's is on Friday. Friday is also the day that our Japanese friend sends her 12 year old son to stay with us for a month. Tacty is a wonderful boy and good friend to TL. TL can't wait to see his buddy.

We're full of hosting. My inlaws, brother in law and two nieces arrive the week after and when they leave in August my dad comes to visit. When dad arrives, we're going camping in Cle Elum, WA which is 3 miles from Roslyn, Wa-which is where they filmed Northern Exposure. Can't wait to eat at the Brick, take my photo in front of the Roslyn sign and see Ruth Ann's grave. yippee!

My real reason for this post is that I received my September issue of Family Tree Maker Magazine today. In there is an article about the developments that are endangering Civil War battlefieds. The most endangered are:

Camp Allegheny, WV
Cedar Creek, VA
Fort Stevens, Washington, DC
Gettysburg, PA
Picacho Peak, AZ
Pickett's Mill, GA
Richmond, KY
South Mountain, MD
Thoroughfare Gap, VA
Wilderness, VA

You can go to their website for more information. Their website is also a huge tool for lesson plans and such. Look around a bit, I was amazed at all the information regarding the Civil War. Looks good for my Civil War class starting in a few weeks.


Friday, July 9, 2010

Heat Wave

You have to understand that it doesn't get especially warm here. On the fourth of July, the high was 60 and it was 54 when we were watching fireworks, with a wind chill of about 48. It was cold.

Fast forward a few days and its been blazing hot-well, for here anyway. The kids have the blow up pools all set up and have been playing in the sun for the past two days. Its supposed to be warm again today and cooling off tomorrow. It only gets to be about 85, I know, not really hot, but for here it is. A forty degree jump in a few days is big deal.

Next week, its back to our normal- around 70 for a high.'s

Today, is Bug-a-bug's birthday. The big seven. We've already had our traditional cupcakes for breakfast. I'll post pics later. I can't right now cause my computer keeps shutting of because its too hot. It needs to be cleaned out of dust, and this heat is not helping. Have a great day everyone!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Our new school year for history, science, and geography

I've gotten all of our curriculum in!! I'm so excited about this coming year! It will be so much fun!

For geography, the girls are going to do Galloping the Globe as their guide. More hands on type activities to make it fun. TL will be doing the Trail Guide to World Geography.

For history we'll be using All Through the Ages are our spine. I'll be starting with American Indians, moving into some explorers, and then moving chronologically from the 1600s forward. We'll be completing notebooking and lapbooking activities to make a nice notebook for the end of the year. I also got A Journey Through Learning's unit study A Journey through the 17th adn 18th centuries. Add in some fun activities and it will be a good year.

Christian Kids Explore Earth and Space. I'm excited. We haven't touched this subject in years, should be a blast. I'm so looking forward to it.

TL will be using Saxon 8/7 Math. I have moved the girls back into Abeka math. Not enough review in Bob Jones. Love the word problems, but they were forgetting too much.

I'm excited about our bible studies this year. TL will be doing Explorer's Discovery Early History of Israel and I've decided to join him in this study. The girls will be doing Explorer's Beginnings II: God's Promises.

And for grammer, TL will be doing Easy Grammer and yhe girls will be using Simply Grammer by Karen Andreola.

I'll post our writing/reading and spelling at a later time.