Monday, February 7, 2011

The Star Spangled Banner

While watching the Super Bowl, we noticed Christina Aquilera messed up the words to the Star Spangled Banner.  She's not the first big star to do so, nor will she be the last.

Today on yahoo news, they posted an article about the tricky lyrics for the Star Spangled Banner.  Tricky?  Did I miss something?  Myself and almost every other American know the correct lyrics for the Star Spangled Banner.

Pop stars don't seem too.  Maybe its because they're not making a cool million on the song.  I mean really.  Why bother learning the lyrics to the song that symbolized your country?  The song that symbolizes freedom.  Freedom of speech, which by the way, guarantees that you can sing whatever you want.  And earn money from it.

Yeah, those lyrics sure are tricky...........


  1. We've been grumbling about that here, too.
    Bet she wouldn't do that with a song in her concerts and then blow it off as "getting lost in the moment."

  2. Never having sung on the big stage, live, I won’t criticize her for messing up. There’s an enormous difference between singing in the relative comfort of your home, or should-to-shoulder in a large crowd of fans before an event begins. Does she not know the words or did nerves get her? I’d rather see that mess-up live than the lip-synched performances of years past. But she only gets one mulligan. In the future, she either gets it right or leaves the job for someone else.

  3. I heard about this, but I did not see it myself.. Now Im anxious to see where she flubbed


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