Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Oh boy!! Its that time of year!! Time to organize everything. I just spent an hour organizing the files on my computer. I like to purchase lapbooks and workbooks for the kids that I can download and print-saves time versus copying out of a book. All of them were listed in the my documents file. I know, I know, it was really bad. Took me an hour just to make new file folders and put them in there. I still need to make subfolders for science and history. I'll get that done later today I hope.

My project tomorrow is to organize my bookmarks. Most of them are pretty organized, but I really need to go through and determine if I need all of these bookmarked sites or not. I'm sure I'll be deleting alot of them.

Hopefully, next week I can set up my goals for next year and the week after start planning geography, history, and science. Should be a fun year this year! Oh, and I can't forget that I need some preschool stuff too!! Oh boy!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

so, its been a busy week

First, I'm just a nutty, crazy, insane person. In an attempt to finish my bachelor's degree, I decided to take two upper level courses this summer. What was I thinking?

I guess I was thinking that reading about 400 pages of history a week would be a good time. Or sitting in front of the computer until my eyes literally dry up in my skull would be a good time. I don't know-I had a momentary lapse in judgement.

Today, I spent most of the day working on my rough draft for my term paper in American Indian history. I needed to complete only about five pages of it to hand it-the total for the final assignment is ten. No problem, I'm a pretty good writer, and I had the research kinda laid out. Seven hours later, with countless interruptions for food from the oldest two girls, crying for more juice from the toddler, and crying and crawling from the baby, I barely finished the five pages in time to hand them in.

The reason I'm so far behind, is really my hubby's fault. I can blame him, right? He's not here looking over my shoulder. Monday I took the night off of schoolwork. Tuesday I had every intention of spending several hours doing homework when he arrived home with breakfast burrito making items and proceeded to make 100 breakfast burritos for the chiefs to sell. He got help from our neighbor and his entire family came over until 10pm to help out. No homework done then.

Wednesday, I took a much needed therapy day and went on the Western WA quilt shop hop. They only let me out of the insane asylum once a year, and I always take it when I can! I did do some homework that night and the next two nights.

Today, I spent all day working on this homework, and still have all the discussion questions to post for my other class and take that midterm. As for my many interruptions for today, Kevin and TL were at a taekwondo tournament all day. I really wanted to go but it was two hours away and if we take all the kids, the girls just get bored and we get frustrated. Plus, without the girls, they were able to stay and support the other kids in the school and watch the teachers compete.

TL? How did he do? Well you remember the last tournament that he competed in? The one that we told him that he probably wouldn't get a trophy? It was his first ever competition and there was only one trophy. The experience was the key and also having a good time we said. And then he won? The trophy was three feet high?

Well, this first place sparring trophy in only about 18 inches high. He didn't place for his forms or board breaking-apparently, he just likes to fight. All that Walker, Texas Ranger I guess.

Then, when he got home, I found out that he also did the sword competition. To be honest, I didn't even know they used them because I don't generally get to sit and watch him in class. One of the black belts at our school needed a partner and ran over to ask TL to help her out. They placed first.

So, my son likes fighting and knives-should I be worried?

I will post pictures later. Right now, I'm off to do more homework and hunt down the kiddos to go to bed. Monday, I sign up for the next term. Somebody, please kick me if I try to sign up for two clases again!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Finally did it!

I finally found a floor hand quilting frame that I liked that didn't break the bank. The one I really wanted was $300 and that just wasn't possible. I had gotten some money for Mother's day and the big 4-0 is coming up in a few months, so I splurged when I found this deal. I'm very excited and can't wait for it to come in. Now, I just need to organize my quilting supplies and get moving.

Maybe now, I can finish TL's quilt that I started two years ago. He picked out the fabric about four years ago. Poor guy, probably doesn't even want it anymore. I may have to get some new fabric for him!

Sounds like a shopping trip is planned. Good thing that the Western WA quilt shop hop is this week!! lol

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Our rainy weekend

A few weeks ago we went camping to the KOA in Burlington-it was Memorial Day weekend, which may or may not be warm around here. It wasn't and it rained like cats and dogs that weekend. Thank goodness we have an awning on our camper. The poor tenters were in a field and flooded. I'm surprised so many of them stayed, I so woulda left.

We use our grill on the camper and a cook stove alot this year. Last year, we used the oven and stovetop inside alot, but this year we decided not to and the mess is so much better! THere's really no room inside to cook and prep, doing it outside makes all the difference. Here's daddy making dinner:

On Saturday we woke up and were flooded in. The fire you see going there was only possible Saturday night because the owners came and dug a drainage ditch to get us out of the flood zone. There was two inches of water in the fire pit.

This is Friday creek. Apparently in nice weather, people actually swim in it. Of course, the water's about three feet lower and not so fast.

Chunky Monkey close up.

Saturday night I won at bingo and thankfully the weather was nice enough on Sunday-a few breaks in the rain, that I decided to splurge my winnings and rented bikes for the kids:

And daddy had to try them:

All weekend, Bug-a-bug had the snaggle tooth just hanging there in front. She wouldn't let any of us touch it, I couldn't even take a picture. Finally, our friend told her that if she pulled it out while camping, the tooth fairy gave her extra money. SHe pulled it out herself in ten seconds flat. I wish I'd thought of that!

My classes are trying to kill me....

So, I thought with summer here, I could very easily take two upper level classes. Boy, was I wrong. They are slowly trying to kill me. 400 pages of reading a week-granted I love both of the classes, but wow! Plus, the papers, discussion questions and what not! Plus, I have no idea how to identify the term in American Indian historiography. Apparently, I'm just not getting it and my professor is not helping much in that area. IF anyone reads this who was a history major, please enlighten me!

It was Christmas here the other day!! A HUGE box arrived. The kids were so excited! They opened it up and saw all of these nicely wrapped bundles in brown paper!! They tore into it-it was wonderful! And in that moment, I dashed their hopes and dreams! urriculum for next year has arrived!

Chunky Monkey is trying to cut her top teeth and I've spent the last week getting about three hours of sleep a night. I'm way to old for this. I"m not functioning well during the day. The last two nights, I got smart and slept in the recliner with her on my chest. Not ideal and she was still restless, but both of us got some much needed rest. Yesterday, she wasn't as miserable during the day from lack of sleep. Hopefully, these teeth will punch through soon-they are right there!

Well, everyone have a great week!

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Blogger updated their design settings, and while its great, I can't figure out why our photos, links, and blogs I follow are now listed on my curriculum page instead of the home page. Any thoughts? suggestions?

Camping at Baker Lake

The chiefs in our command get together every year to go camping at Baker Lake. We usually have a great time. We do not have hook ups in our camper-no water or power so its back to basics camping-well at least as much as I can do. We do have a generator which we use when we have to run things-Kevin needs his coffee pot and I like the hair dryer. I guess we really don't "rough it" do we?

It rained on and off all weekend long. I was grateful that we have the generator because the kids all came into our camper and watched a movie. When you have 9 kids in your camper, its easier to have them all sitting!

Just a little mossy. Its so wet here that the trees always have moss on them:

Here's a view of the lake. We came about a month earlier this year and this year has been much cooler. If finally got to 70 yesterday here. The snow on the mountain hasn't melted yet. Usually, this area is totally covered with water. It was fun to see what was uncovered without the water there.

Mount Baker should be right there in the background but with all the cloud cover, we didn't see it at all this weekend.

Some of the kiddos and some of their friends:

The view of the lake from our campground:

This last shot was taken the day we left-the only sunny day we had so we didn't get to enjoy it much! Maybe next time!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Menu Math and camping

I just found a really neat company called Remedia Publications. They have math books that teach life skills-budgeting, checkbook, etc- but the really great find is their Menu Math series.

I have ordered the Menu Math books for the girls. I also placed an order for extra copies of the menus-let's face it, they love to play restaurant and these are exactly what I was looking for. Menus with the picture and the word next to it. Good way to practice their writing/spelling skills too. The word problems are basic, but a good review for the summer and fun too.

For TL, I ordered the Ice Cream Parlor multiplication and division. (with extra menus for playing of course) and the Department Store Math. I will print off a page from each for him to do each week. Looks like about 16-18 word problems a week, he can do that!! Easily. Keeps the skills up and a little fun at the same time!

About a month ago, we went camping at the KOA in Lynden, which is a few miles from the Canadian border. We had a blast. The weather was great and we were parked right behind a pond that we could fish in. Thankfully, the very nice people next to us, let the kids use their poles. We watched The Toothfairy on a big outdoor screen and had popcorn the first night we were there. It was a blast. Here's the view from behind the camper.

The next day was gorgeos so we decided to splurge and let the kids rent the paddle boats. Poor TL had to do all the paddling as Little Miss Trouble couldn't reach the pedals. They were pretty tired after the thirty minute ride!

And here's Daddy and Chunky Monkey watching the paddle boats. Daddy was also talking to a friend that was camping down the way. The Navy is a small world.

I also just saw on Yahoo news that the girl trying to sail the world has been reported as missing. Her parents spoke to her and although the Indian Ocean was really rough, she was okay. An hour later, the Coast Guard was at their door becuase both of her emergency satellite beacons went off. One is in the life raft and the other is on an emergency life suit. They're hoping that if the sailboat starting to sink, she grabbed her ditch bag and went into the raft. Praying for her safe return. What a remarkable young lady!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

so very busy

I just realized that I have photos from three camping trips to post, but I'm crazy busy. I'm desperately trying to clean and organize the house. Y'know the one, I unpacked last year and have been too busy to sort through. I took three boxes of books and things out of the school room. I couldn 't stand the clutter anymore. I also have cleared out some of the living room. Feeling much better around here.

I finished my class and got an A! Yeah!! Now, I started two more classes and they are killing me. About 500 pages of reading a week, plus essays, plus discussion questions-no wonder you haven't heard from me. It will be miracle if I survive the next six weeks!

I had to share these photos with you. I've posted the bald eagles and such we've seen in this area, but this was a treat right down the street the other day. It was overcast and rainy, which is why they aren't that clear. I'm hoping to get better ones this week!

A mommy grey whale and her baby. If you look closely in the second shot, you can see the spout. It was so very cool!!

And while we've been very busy, my kids are still keeping up with their school work! Here's Little Miss Trouble working on her art project:

I hope that this doesn't mean she'll be covered in tattoos when she gets older!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Its raining, its pouring......

Yes, that's what it did almost the entire weekend of our camping trip. Luckily, we paid to stay at a nearby KOA so we were treated with activities for the kids, which included an indoor swimming pool.

We arrived Friday night and ate dinner with a few sprinkles. We went to bed and the sky opened up on us all night long. We woke up to our camper and patio being dry and surrounded by a lake. If we walked down along the camper to the street, we could jump the puddle, otherwise it was just a lake.

The 75 year old guy who owned the KOA with his kids came out with his tractor and dug a drainage ditch. In a couple of hours, we were much drier and could get around. Thank goodness because the firepit was under water and you can't roast s'mores under water.

While he was digging the trench, his daughter showed up and said, "and we didn't even charge you extra for the lake front property." We got quite a chuckle out of that. I told her that if she'd let us know ahead of time, we would have brought a boat.

The kids swam, we played bingo(and I won the $64 pot), and so when the rain paused for an hour on Sunday we played minigolf and rented three wheeled bikes with my winnings. It was fun, although wet. I'm SOOOOOOOO glad we don't tent camp. Those people were miserable and why they stayed the whole weekend, I'll never know