Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Getting over the sickies

Everytime we move, we go through a bit of illness to get everyone adjusted to the new climate.  This time has been no exception.  The kids have all gotten sick here and there and have seem to adjusted well.  I thought I would miss it.  I was dead wrong.

Last Sunday, I became ill.  Really ill.  Can't get out of bed, coughing, headache, chills so bad that I was shaking so bad I couldn't stop, and then the fever would kick in and I'd be covered with sweat.  Sunday through Saturday I was in bed sick......could barely get out of bed.  Finally started recovering this Sunday and yesterday finally felt almost all better.  The big kids were great, they helped with the little ones, got food, and tried to keep the house intact. 

I am so thankful that I am up and well again and for the wonderful job the kids did.  I have spent the last two days cleaning, putting away the tons of toys, and doing laundry.......but that's okay. 

Have a wonderful weekend!!  The kids and I are back on track tomorrow with school and hopefully should get alot done the next two days.  I hope to do some double time next week and do some catching up.

Friday, October 19, 2012

End of week 3

This week was great.  Only TL was sick at the beginning of the week so he had to play catch up, but for the most part everything will be completed today!!  The last two weeks were rough with the stomach flu and closing of the house.

Spanish is going well with the new program, although the speaking is really difficult.  I know how to correctly pronounce the words and its not saying that I do it correctly either.  Writing and spelling are improving.  I'm seeing a lot of improvement in his writing this year.  For Science, we decided to do an Agriscience book, well, we did buy a farm right?  

Much better with writing and spelling this year.  She still needs to work on her math facts.  Grammer and library skills are going well.  She and Courtnee are just finishing up a study on horses (guess what animal they want?)

She's doing great with writing and spelling but needs to work on her handwriting.  Its big and messy.  

Working on the letters of the alphabet.  She's doing really well writing her name and learning her numbers. 

For all of them, we do history together chronologically.  These past few weeks have been 1800-1810.  We just started Lewis and Clark this week and will continue to work on it for another two weeks.  We have some projects to complete that will make it more fun.

Today my rainbow resource order should arrive with our new math for the year.  I am also getting TL's bible, art, and government curriculum.  I have a few more items to order but nothing that we needed right now. 

Have a wonderful week!


Sunday, October 14, 2012

TL is one great kid.  Friday night he took his first belt test at the new taekwondo studio.  He's rolled with the punches with all of our moves.  After two and a half years doing taekwondo in WA, he had to switch to karate when we moved to CA, and now is going back to taekwondo.....but its a different style so he had to start all over.

After the first class, his instructor informed me that he was ready for his belt test.  So after the third class, he took his belt test on Friday and is moving up to the next belt.  He has been given the go ahead to move up the belts as fast as he can to get to the equivalent that he was in WA. 

Personally, I love his new studio and his instructors!!  Here's some photos from the test.

Nervous before the test

Getting ready to break the board

After breaking the board

Friday, October 12, 2012

Getting settled

Wow, what a crazy two weeks.  We started school but with the closing and stomach flu bug, we have yet to complete a full week of school.  I'm praying it goes much smoother next week.

The kids are all involved in their activities.  TL has joined boy scouts again and has find a nice taekwondo studio.  He did two years in WA and then had to switch to karate in CA.  This style is different than the one in WA so he has to start all over again, however, after his first class the instructor told me that he was ready to test for his yellow belt.  Wow!!  Very proud of  him!

The girls have joined American Heritage Girls and seem to really enjoy it.  Awana was a bust, we gave that up and won't be going back.  None of the girls enjoyed the club and the Cubbies were ignored for the first 30 minutes so we're not going back.  I'm looking into 4H for the girls, the only problem is that the club that is closest to us meets at the same time as boy scouts and in another town, so not sure that one will work.  The big girls have also joined the Bible Quiz team at the church.

The church has a wonderful homeschooling co-op that is extremely relaxed and fun for the kids.  I'm enjoying meeting everyone and all the kids have made friends, except for TL.  He's the oldest out of the group.  The church opens up every Friday night from 7-12 for the teens in the area, they get about 30, so I'm hoping that he will meet some friends there.  Our town has about 250 people and the town the church is in has about 700 so its pretty small town living here.

I'm spending this weekend doing lesson planning for next week, finishing organizing my desk, and hopefully removing wallpaper.  I'm going to try removing the big girls' wallpaper and the upstairs bathroom this week so I can paint next weekend.  Then I will probably be doing the dining room before it gets too cold that I can't open the windows. 

Take care everyone and have a blessed day!

Friday, October 5, 2012


My camera has decided to die, otherwise, I'd post photos of our new home!!  Yeah!!!  We FINALLY closed yesterday!!  We were supposed to close Aug 31st! 

Thankfully, we're already in the house.  I have a lot to do now though that we're finally official.  I have about ten boxes of crafts and school room stuff that I didn't want to unpack until I knew we were closing for sure.   I had to buy some more shelves to hold all the stuff and I'm sure it won't be enough.  The books have already been unloaded onto the shelves but need to be more organized.  I do have all of history and science together, but thats the extent of the organization.

I'm also in a rush to get some painting done.  Let's face it, it gets cold here in Minnesota and soon!!  I started painting the little girls room tonight.  Their room is about 9x12 but then has a smaller room attached (about 7x8) with shelves built into the other end.  Perfect little play room for them.  Anyway, I'm painting their main room a light purple and the other room a light pink.  Don't be too impressed, I got the idea from a painting brochure at Home Depot.  It looks like it will be really cute.  I'm excited for them.

The big girls have picked two really bold and dark colors for their room.  I'd love to steer them to a lighter something, but it is the first time in their lives that they've been able to have color and not just white walls. 

TL likes his wallpaper and duck border in his room.

The upstairs bath needs to have the flower wall paper removed and get painted.  Its not to big so it shouldn't take too long.

I'd also like to do the dining room before snow falls.  I have to remove the wallpaper there and then paint. 

This of course, with all the regular day to day stuff plus raking leaves from about thirty trees and starting to clean out the barns......we should be busy for a while!!

Take care everyone!!  Have a blessed weekend!