Friday, January 7, 2011


I finished my last final on Dec 10th and I start again on Monday.  How did this happen?  These thirty days went way too quickly for me!!

I've spent some wonderful quality time with my kids, my hubby worked way too much and was gone most of the last two weeks.  I started reorganizing my recipe binder.  I did it about five years ago and I needed to revamp it.  I should be done with that this weekend. 

I've done some organizing and inputing of genealogy records.  I've worked on updating my genealogy blog.  I have a few more records to put in and should have that done today.

I've cleaned out and organized closets and other parts of the house. 

I'm starting to read my assignments for the first week of class.

And, I've revamped my lesson planner.  I used to plan each subject for each child on a subject page and checked off each day as we did it.  I decided to try to do weekly planners for lesson plans.  I figured out by Wednesday that this does not work for me.  I'm very anal organized and I can't handle not getting something done one day and having to hold it over till the next day.  This doesn't work for me.  I usually have several weeks of lessons done at a time, and being off one day, means that I'm off for weeks.  Drives me bananas.  So, last night, I started re-entering my plans on my subject planners.  I'll have pictures to show later this weekend.

have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Michelle,

    Using Homeschool Skedtrack saved my sanity in lesson planning. It is online and it is free. I highly recommend it. I can check stuff off as we do it and if we don't get to it, then the program automatically moves it to the next day until we do check it off. It also updates the final day of lessons for each subject based on what we have put in and what we check off.

    sorry you are back to classes so soon. Sounds like you got a lot done in your break.

  2. Make sure you schedule some rest in there! Sounds like you have been very busy.

  3. I love organization! I bet you feel so good having accomplished all of that! Have a great weekend!


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