Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Its a mess

This weekend I asked the kids to clean up their desks.  This is what I went into yesterday morning:

They worked all day on those desks.  I have no idea how they got anything done at all.

And with a one and three year old this is what the floor looks like during the day:

Mom had to get involved and I cleaned off the desks at the end of the day.  I couldn't take it anymore.

Thank all of you for your concern for Shadow.  He's not had another seizure.  I have to go this week and get his medicine.  We were sick for over a week and then down to one car.  We should have new tires on the other car Wednesday or Thursday. 

Continuing with our colonial studies, we may baked apples last night:

 They were pretty yummy.  We enjoyed them, but we're huge apple lovers here.  Here's a shot of Little Miss Trouble.  She likes to pose.  I need to get a shot of Monkey cause her nickname fits her well.  She's climbing everything.  I walked in yesterday and she was standing on top of the kitchen table.  She's giving me a heart attack.  I try to keep an eye on her, but sometimes, I turn my back and then she's on top of something. 
Hope you all have a wonderful week


  1. I only wish that my kids each had a desk. They are all sharing one fairly small folding table - and squeaking as they open and close the folding chairs they are sitting on. It's driving me nuts, but I really don't want them at my dining room table and we left our second wooden table in Alaska when we moved (because of the weight). If they had their own desks, I'm sure that's what they would look like! Right now, they each have a basket on the floor which their stuff has to go into. It seems to work, but isn't what I'd do if I had more space!

    I love that our floors look alike. :)

  2. I saw the photo of your floor and I was inspired!! I should have done today's floor, it was much, much worse.

    When we lived in Japan we had to use the dining room table and I hated it. It was awful trying to clean it off for every meal. I like having the desks, although we've talked about getting rid of the school room.....I just don't think I can!

  3. If that is as bad as your floor gets, then you are doing really good!

    Love baked apples......yummy!

    I've found Faith on the kitchen table a few times this week, too.
    And just as I was typing that last sentence she got up there again and pulled down a glass and shattered it. Such is life. I shouldn't turn my back!


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