Sunday, March 29, 2015

Three months later.....

I am so sorry for not posting in months.  I was taking two online graduate classes that took every ounce of strength and every minute of my spare time.  I finally finished them in February with an A- in my American Indian Wars class and an A in my American Revolution class.  

Since then, I've been extremely lazy.  I have tons to do and just now starting to get some ambition to do stuff.  Maybe because spring is finally in the air!

Here's what's been going on here:

  • TL tested for and received his red belt in taekwondo. Only brown, brown with black stripe and then black.  Can't wait for that one!
  • Our beloved Shadow had to be put down last week.  His legs/hips gave out on him.  We tried for a few days to deal with it but he wasn't eating either so we had to put him to sleep.  It was a horrible day.  THe kids took it hard and so did I.  Even now I'm tearing up.  He was so patient and caring.  We definitely miss him around here.
  • Bug-a-bug is also missed.  She went to grandma's Friday and we will pick her up on Easter when we go down for the day.  She's helping my sister-in-law scrapbook....graduation is in May and she's not ready with the pics yet.
  • I finally finished the wallhanging for the living room.  Now I just need to hang it up.
  • American Heritage Girls is coming to an end for the year.  I'm a little nervous for next year as I will become the coordinator.  I'm praying for lots of guidance and great leadership skills.  
  • I'm working on a Sunday school program for our 6th and 7th graders.  A tour of the year the New Testament and the next is the Old Testament.  I'm hoping that the kids will learn a lot and be ready to enter into our Remnant program for 8th graders with a little more knowledge under their belts.
  • I'm working on some geneaolgy.....just discovered an ancestor that was a life guard for George Washington.  I don't know much about the life guards so I hope to learn more.
  • Of course, looking at curriculum for the next year.  Our homeschool convention is in a few weeks and I'm looking forward to going.  I need to recharge my batteries.
  • And lastly, we took two seven month old pupppies in.  Brother and sister: lab/irish setter mixes.  Its been forever since we had puppies.  Shadow was nine months when we got him....already potty trained but still chewing.  Have to start everything with these two and train them to stay on the property.  They are adjusting well.  Oliver is loving and wants to please.  Jasmine is very very timid but very sweet.  I'm so pleased that we kept them together.  They were the last two and I don't know if she would have done well in a home by herself.  She lights up around her brother and is being more forward with us now.
So that's all that's been going on.  Really not much.  As I said I've been really really lazy....but that's okay.  I figure I deserve it!