Wednesday, July 9, 2014


If you're like me, right now you're in the midst of homeschool planning.  Books are piled up everywhere.  Little notes are spread all over your desk.  Its an organized chaos.  Selena over at Look We're Learning just wrote a fantastic post about lesson planning with little ones.

I'm juggling right now trying to keep up with the outside chores and the garden.  I have several projects that desperately need my attention outside.  We have several areas that are really just weeds that need to be dug out and redesigned.  I've been putting it off because when I go near them the giant mosquito infestation swarms out to attack me.  I really need to get moving on that though.

My brother comes tomorrow and we need to deep clean.  The cats are all outside right now but he does have an allergy so I want to make sure that the cat hair is gone so he can enjoy his stay.

College started this week.  The one class has articles and a book that's about 120 pages to read,  plus books and articles for my paper.  Not too bad.  The other has 2000 pages in just the texts which does not include the articles or the research for the paper.  ugh

So needless to say, I'm running around from one thing to another.  I'm sitting down today and writing out a list of things to do which will hopefully allow me to stay on task.

And this week starts our birthday week.  Bug-a-Bug's is today.  She is such a sweet and gently soul.  I am so blessed that God blessed me with this wonderful child.

Have a wonderful and blessed week!