Thursday, December 1, 2016

Christmas Planner and Christmas projects

This year I put together a Christmas planner.  It has several sections: address book for cards, elf on the shelf ideas, items to make, and my recipes.  The items to make include quilts, table runners, stockings, wallhangings, scarves, and headbands.  Obviously, I will never make everything that is in there, but its nice to have it all in one place without having to search for patterns every single year.

I've also really enjoyed having all the tried and true recipes and new recipes to try, all in one place.  I was able to put together a nice shopping list that I've been working on for several weeks.  I'm happy that I'll have all the items on hand before I start baking.

I toned my card list alot this year.  I'm tired of sending out 80 or more cards and only receiving a few dozen back, so I've cut the list way back to almost half of that.  I feel much better and not so stressed about getting cards out.

I've made several table runners and wallhangings for our house this Christmas.  I'm finishing up a few and then I will put some pictures up.

I've also finished two cowls and am starting the third tonight.  I really enjoy knitting while watching all of the Hallmark Christmas movies.  My teen girls really love all those movies so we watch one almost every night.  My DVR gets filled up with Christmas movies that we will continue to watch throughout January.

I hope everyone is doing well!!