Tuesday, January 11, 2011


So here's a copy of the lessons for TL yesterday.  He can go through and mark off as he does them.

Our day yesterday went very smoothly with the kids having a list to check off.  You can see the girls being very studious here:

Okay, not so much here!

and here they are doing PE class:

Have a great week!


  1. I love PE. Looks like a lot of fun!!!

    I also like the way you are so organized! I was like that with 1 but once I had 2 doing work I couldnt keep it up. Bravo to you!!

  2. PE looks like fun! :)
    I have Homeschool Tracker also. I need to sit down and enter in their assignments, because it goes much smoother when I do. Ellie has been begging to have her own checklist, so she doesn't have to wait for me to tell her what to do.


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