Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Wow! super busy

I can't even believe how quickly the weeks have flown by.  I'm now on my third week of school.  My master's is going well so far but its going to get really really busy the next few months.  I am enjoying my classes so far.

American Heritage girls is going well.  The girls are all working on completing at least one more badge by the end of the year.  I've enjoyed being the Explorer leader this year.  Next year, we're going to have a huge group of girls moving up, so many that we will have to split into two groups.

TL is doing well with Boy Scouts.  One more merit badge to complete and then he will have his board of review for Life Scout.  In the last few weeks, he completed his testing for his Blue Belt in Taekwondo.

Princess had her 13th birthday.  Oh where has the time gone?  And how did I become the mother of two teenagers?  She is growing up in to a thoughtful beautiful young lady and I am really blessed.  She also just got her braces on and not enjoying them, but the smile will be gorgeous when she's done.

For her birthday, her friends came over and we did Jamberry Nails.  It was a ton of fun and the girls really liked it.

We are trying to deal with the flooding from all the melting snow.  The driveway is gravel (well really just dirt) and has standing water in it.  The snow is lining the driveway in 2-4 foot drifts....hey, its better than the 5-6 foot drifts that they were.  TL and I had to dig a tunnel out through the snow into the pasture so the water had a place to drain but we still have another bad spot at the end of the driveway so we need to get out there tomorrow and get it down.  After we have this storm with snow, freezing rain, and rain today.  Yuck!

And I get my bifocals today.  This aught to be interesting.  I didn't realize until I started wearing my glasses a few months ago, how much I really needed them.  No wonder I was having such awful headaches.  

Enjoy your week!