Monday, February 29, 2016

Literally on the go.....all the time....

Or so it seems anyway.  We currently have activities Tues through Friday nights and will be adding riding lessons on Mondays.  Thankfully Tues is only twice a month and Wednesday nights are only for a few more weeks, we'll take a short break, and then start again with a different bible study at church.  Thursdays is banjo lessons for Bug-a-bug so that's not really a big deal and Friday night is youth night at our church and I just drop off, someone else brings them home.  Its still tiring though.

School is going well.  I'm enjoying the year so far.  I'm a little behind in lesson planning some items so I hope to get on track this week.  We have eye exams tomorrow and that will take a few hours with buying glasses also.  So I'll use the remainder of the day to take care of some homeschooling items.

I started working on writing a high school government class for Schoolhouse Teachers.  I'm still just on the second unit and hope to have the class done soon for them to be able to start it up.  I'm looking forward to seeing how it goes and hopefully doing another class or two for them.

I'm sorry for the short post but I must run.  I'll try to get on here later this week and write a more detailed post.  Until then God Bless!