Monday, November 21, 2016

Catching up

I honestly meant to post every single week this year but life has been very busy.  Right now, I'm in full swing to make some Christmas presents to save a little bit of money this year.  

  • Riding lessons ended for the year freeing up Monday nights.  Unfortunately, that is payday and the only night I have to grocery shop so I'm usually out and about.
  • We have our Christmas party for AHG the first Tuesday in December and then not until January.  I will enjoy the break.
  • Wednesdays were very busy with the after school program, play practice, and Life Groups.  Life Groups have ended for this year so I get a little break.  I just have to drop off and pick up kids now.
  • Thursdays have started another gymnastics session.  We have three more classes left.  This one is a class instead of a playgroup.  A little more money but well worth it for the little girls to get the instruction they need and desire.  So, I drive up into town in the morning and then evening for banjo lessons for Bug-a-bug.
  • Friday nights are still busy with the teens.
  • The big girls did a nice unit on elections and learned quite a bit.  They were actually interested on election night and even followed some of the results as they came in.  
  • The littles just finished up a big unit on Space and will be working on two short units before Christmas: Mammals and Fish.  It should be interesting and fun; not too involved since we'll be doing a Christmas unit too.  I'll take a few days off after our Thanksgiving unit this week to regroups before starting our Christmas unit.  We will be working on American Indians in history until Christmas break and then dive into the colonies and revolution after the New Year.
  • Bug-a-bug doesn't enjoy her science very much as there isn't many experiments for her.  I need to work on that and challenge her some more.  She seems to really enjoy her history this year
  • Princess is doing okay in history and science.  She doesn't seem to be bored stiff like in previous years

I've already decided what to do for history and science next year for the big girls.  I will be writing my own curriculum for 1800-1900 world history.  They will be doing a lot of reading and writing on their own.  For science, I've decided that we will take a year and a half to get through biology.  I really want to take my time and make sure that they really understand it all.  I'm hoping that they can take the clep test when they are done and not have to take a college science.  For the second half of the year, I hope to work on an introduction to chemistry.

I pray that you all have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!