Monday, June 25, 2012


My three oldest girls take gymnastics.  Priness and Bug-a-bug are in level two, moving up to level three soon.  Little Miss Trouble is taking a four year old class.  Monkey is anxiously waiting in the wings to turn three and start classes.  She as a leotard that she wears every day and has colored on the front of it.  She calls it her 'nastics.  The big girls got their leos for gymfest this week and she was crestfallen.  Since 'nastics is looing so sad, I splurged and bought her a new leo......this one she calls her sparkly.

Here's some photos from Gymfest yesterday!

Little Miss Trouble walking in to the gym

Bug-a-bug and Princess walking into the gym

The girls with their coaches-who are absolutely fabulous!!  My girls absolutely love them and they are such sweet ladies!

The girls all together on the podium.  They were able to stand individually to recieve their medals, but I thought it would be better to post the one shot.  Notice Monkey had to get in there and show off her "sparkly".

Hope you have a wonderful week!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Still planning.....

Okay, actually, I kinda just started.  These two classes are pretty intense and I have a lot of work to do for them.  I'm getting there though, only four weeks left, yikes!!  I'd better get started on my paper!

I set up my planning notebook yesterday and put in all the dividers.  I have a tab for each subject for each child.  I printed out the planning sheets for each subject.  Some subjects will be done two days a week, others will be done three, and math and reading will be done five days a week.

I pulled out TL's Tell Me More Spanish program.  It looks great!!  The introduction part will probably take up almost half the year itself.  Each lesson has about 12-16 activities.  Its pretty  nice.  I can't wait to get started on that!

I finally figured out exactly what books he'll be reading this year.

Teaching the Classics seminar
The Hobbit
Taming the Shrew
Midsummer Night's Dream dvd version (which we will watch and study Shakespeare then read Taming the Shrew)
Lord of the FLies
Animal Farm
To Kill a Mockingbird
Christmas Carol
Mysterious Island
Short stories to include Edgar Allan Poe
Poetry unit

The girls will be reading:

The Boxcar Children
Roll of Thunder Hear my Cry
Pippi Longstocking
Best Christmas Pageant Ever
Charlotte's Web
Long Winter

Next week I'll be placing my first order for curriculum.  I love buying books!!  And I can't wait for all the sales on paper, pencils, erasers, etc........does anyone else like all those sales?

Monday, June 11, 2012

Planning a we will goooooo.........

Hello everyone!!  Finally got a Cricket hotspot.  Works like a champ!  So happy to have some internet back!!

I'm taking two classes this term.  Both are rather intense.  One is an ethics class.  The instructor posts about 25 questions each week and we have to answer our assigned question.  Each post each week is worth 5pts.  The final makes up the remainder of the points to equal only 100 for the year, so every point counts.  The problem is that the final is going to be ten questions taken from the ones she assigns each week.  ugh

My other class is on the American Revolution-love that time period so I'm enjoying the class.  I picked out my term paper topic-spies!!  So, I need to start reading up on that so I can start outlining my paper in a few weeks.

I'm starting to put together our schedule for next year and I hope to start working on lesson plans this week.  I need to print out the forms that I designed.  Some subjects we'll do five days a week, some two, and some three.  Sounds confusing, I know, but I have the schedule all worked out so it should be okay (I hope).

How's your new year planning going?

Sunday, June 3, 2012

I'm still here!

Sorry for the lack of posts.  We've been crazy busy and have had internet issues again.  The sprint wifi box we  had wouldn't work anymore and they wanted us to pay $35 to replace it, but it wasn't even 6 months old so we cancelled it.

We're now trying to make hubby's cellphone into a wifi spot, but we couldnt figure it out yesterday.  This morning I'm at Starbucks because I have to finish my class discussions.  I tried McDonalds but their internet was down.  I really hate coffee so the smell is getting to me!!  I guess I'd better get off and try to finish up my homework.  Have a wonderful week everyone!