Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Last year: Blogging Bust

I didn't blog at all last year.  Homeschool mommy burnout was in full swing.  On top of that, the senior was being a bit difficult in getting his work done.  It seemed that I was always dealing with him instead of focusing on the girls.  In retrospect, I really wasn't but it sure seemed that way during the year.

Our graduate celebrated his homeschool finish with a small graduation party.  Family and friends came from all over to celebrate with us.  It was a wonderful day.  We are truly blessed!  The graduate starts at the community college in August.  He really wanted to go off to school but after looking at the cost, he determined it was better to live at home which is free and have homecooked meals.  I think he thinks his favorite, chicken pot pie, will be on the menu often.  
The week after the graduation party, we celebrated my stepson's wedding to his beautiful and very sweet bride.  It was a wonderful event and we had a fabulous time.

My garden wasn't quite finished this year.  I never did plant the green beans.  I made some other areas larger but that meant building a new green bean bed and I literally ran out of time.  I have been sorting and dumping all kinds of junk in the house and was busy painting for the graduation party so it was never done.  I'm disappointed but there's nothing I can do about it now.

Another major even this month, is hubby's retirement ceremony from the US Navy.  We are very excited and I'm busy working on his scrapbook for this event.  Did I mention that I had to do over ten years of scrapbooking photos for the graduate's event?  ugh, Never again.  I plan on starting to work on the girls this winter.  I don't want to go through that again!

I am just starting to work on lesson planning this week.  I gave myself a much needed and well deserved break from homeschooling.  I have found that I am now more interested in getting creative.  The last two years we've been doing textbooks and workbooks.  Homeschooling was accomplished but not really fun.  I plan on amping up the fun this year.  

As usual, I am utilizing Homeschool Tracker for my lesson plans.  I really really love Homeschool Tracker.  I can insert all of my lesson plans and then move them over to the assignment grid when needed.  It is so very nice!!  This year, I will include chores on their daily schedule and give the older girls a login to check their assignments off when completed.  No more printing out the daily schedule.  I'm excited about that part.  

Enjoy your summer!!  I'll be back soon after the retirement!!  I'll be busy finishing up lesson plans and canning!