Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I'm still here....

We ended up with the sickies here.  Fevers, runny nose, and sore throats.  Its taken several days to run through this and now the big kids are hopefully getting over it.  That's good because I'm exhausted and need some sleep.  I've continued nursing the Little Monkey only so she'll have my immunities.  She was the hardest hit.  I was hoping to be done by now, but that didn't work out as planned.  I may just continue the next two months to get through the flu season.

We've been working on the colonies.  The girls are learning to hand sew and are making a blanket for their baby dolls.  We'll be quilting them as well.

Since we've been studying Colonial Times, I ordered the PBS series Colonial House and we've been watching it.  I've really enjoyed it.  We have enjoyed watching how they really lived back then, and how difficult it would be for one of us to step back in time and exist in the 17th century.  I highly recommend watching this if you haven't already.  They also have Frontier House and 1900 house.  I only had one issue with the program, and that was the amount of bleeping on it.  One of the gents they got to do it is from England and apparently cusses like a sailor.  They bleeped over it all, but its quite a few.  Also, during the second episode one of the families finds out that their son and future son-in-law was in a car accident and the son-in-law didn't make it.  Its quite tragic, so I wouldn't recommend this for younger viewers.

I plan on getting Frontier House next, even though we're a long way off from Homesteading.  It's my favorite time period, and I'd love to see how these families carve out their lifes on the 160 acres that they are given.


  1. We had the sickies too...I'm the last hit; hopefully not as bad as the rest. Ugh!! Hope everyone is fully on the mend in your house - looks like you have a some great projects going on!

  2. Sorry y'all have been sick :(
    We used to watch those shows when our tv was hooked up. I do miss PBS..I need to get onto Eric about that. We enjoyed 1900 house very much.

    Are the girls enjoying the sewing?
    I look forward to doing those kinds of things when mine are a little bigger.

    How is Shadow? Any word?

  3. Hope you guys are finally all feeling better!

    I've watched all of those shows and loved them all. I thought it would be so much fun to be chosen for one of those shows, but definitely not with little children - who would burn themselves on old stoves or be too cold in the elements. :) I think I watched one about WWII in England also.


  4. Oh Michelle, I'm sorry that you all have been sick. Hope everyone is over it by now. My prayers are wit you & your family. Rest lots & get well soon, Traci
    PS. How is Shadow?


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