Saturday, January 8, 2011

Another update on organization

I watched all the videos last night on Homeschool Skedtrack.  I didn't start imputting because it was too late for me to think clearly to do that.

This morning my code to download Homeschool Tracker Plus arrived via email.  I purchased this program over six years ago for about $25 (I think its $40 now).  I went ahead and dowloaded it and have been watching the videos of all the upgrades since I used it two years ago.  It allows me a few more options than Sketrack.  The biggest advantage is that I can save my lesson plans for the future adn don't have to retype them in.  I did notice that skedtrack was easier to get around and offered the kids option of signing in.  I have to check on this for homeschool tracker-they didn't used to be able to do that, but I think it may be an option now. 

So, my last weekend of freedom before school starts on Monday will be reading my assignments and inputing homeschooling lessons. 

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  1. So excited for you!
    Let me know how it goes and what your favorite things are on the tracker.


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