Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Food storage

One of the things I've been looking into is storing food up for a few months supply.  You never know what might happen that you might depend on the stored food to feed your family.  Whether something major happens in the country or if we dont' receive a paycheck suddenly or some other major expense comes up.  I'm working on stocking some flour, sugar, and canned goods. 

I found this interesting calculator to determine how much you would need for a year for your family.  Its definitely interesting to look at.  I have some friends that have a few months supply and others that have almost a year.


  1. Not only should you stock your food but also your household necessities (like dish soap, shampoo, etc)... I try to keep at least 3 months of everything on hand and it has come in handy so many times!!

  2. :) Hey you are welcome and thanks for the comment on my blog.. I would gladly take some of those oreos off of your hands.

    I really hope you stick with the storage plan. It seems overwhelming at first, but I can tell you firsthand that buying a little bit at a time (even just $5 or $20 a month) really adds up.. Personally I dont use those calculators because Im not sure if we would go through that much of a certain item but they are handy as a general idea. The worst part about food storage and having stock piles of stuff is the "storage" part. It can take up space quickly so dont get discouraged when you see that happening. You will find ways to store things (under beds, closets, etc).

    Good luck with it!!


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