Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Update on my crazy life

Things have been really busy here:

  • We were visited by our homeschooling blogging friends that we'd never met but "known" for years.  It was a wonderful visit and way too short.
  • The teen got his driver's license!!  WOOT!  WOOT!  I don't have to drive  him around anymore!  And at the end of the month he'll have his own vehicle.
  • Boy Scouts is in full popcorn swing.  I'm tired of it already.  As treasurer, I'll have a busy few weeks.
  • American Heritage Girls has started.  As an explorer leader and vice-coordinator, I'm really busy.
  • Last three weeks of this term for school.  I have two 12 page papers to write, ugh.  It wouldn't be bad except that I wasn't able to pick my own topic for the one class so I'm dragging my heels on it.
  • Canning is done for the year.  We've had frost several times and I didn't get as nearly as much done with the tomatoes as I wanted but sadly its over.  
  • We got a pig and a calf to take care of.  We're still getting plenty of eggs from the chickens so that's a blessing.
  • The heat is on already.  I had to do it because it gets down in the 30s at night and its just really really cold.
  • My dad and his wife have decided to sell everything and travel in their RV full time.  I'm very excited for them.  Should be alot of fun.
  • Homeschool co-op is going really really well.  The girls are enjoying all of their classes.
  • TL is taking Russian classes through Currclick and loving it.  The classes are fun and engaging and he likes his teacher alot.
I think that's about it for a quick update.  I'll have some curriculum reviews later this week.