Sunday, March 13, 2016

The days that we pioneered.....

So last Saturday our water starting come back up into the basement.  Everytime we used a sink, tub, or toilet.  Thankfully, I discovered it after one toilet flushing so it wasn't too bad and it went down the drain in the basement.

So for the entire weekend, we used a bucket or the great outdoors as our bathroom.  Showers were done at a friends or we washed up in a little tub we emptied outside.  Good times.

Thankfully Monday afternoon I was able to get the guys out to pump out the septic.  We had it done last year and knew that our septic was on its last legs so I assumed that was the issue.  I was wrong.

On Tuesday, the plumbers came and discovered that there wasn't a clean out valve down in the basement so they took a line through the bathroom toilet.  It worked and we were good to go.....for about six hours and then it happened again.

On Wednesday the plumbers were able to come back and cut all the pipes downstairs, clean it out, and put in a new clean out valve.  There was feet of gunk in the pipes.....apparently its never been cleaned out since the house was built 80 years ago.  The previous owner also used to pour grease down the drain which added to the gunk.  Last year we had to replace the kitchen line because it was filled with grease. 

So after five days of using a bucket as a latrine, we finally are able to flush and use the sinks and tubs.  Thank goodness!!  That was exhausting and yucky!