Monday, October 31, 2011

Grammy's here!! Grammy's here!

My mom and cousin's daughter arrived on Saturday.  We're excited to see them.  I haven't been home in five years (its too expensive to travel across country with all of us) and my mom last traveled to us in May of last year.  The kids are super excited.  Even Little Miss Trouble, who doesn't remember her much, and of course its taken Monkey a little bit to warm up to her. 

We're going to do a couple of fun things while they are here.  I'm hoping that mom gets some rest though.  She works two jobs and gets pretty tired out.  The long trip across country doesn't help either.  I'm hoping we end up moving back to the east coast so that traveling will be easier on us all!

Daddy and three girls up in TL's bunk.

Showing how old she is. 

Blowing out candles on our breakfast cupcakes.

Have a fantastic week everyone!


  1. So happy for you that your Mom is there. Hope she gets to rest, too.

    And happy birthday to Miss Trouble. Four is such an important year :)

  2. Happy Birthday to Ms. Trouble. Hope you have had a pleasant week with your Mom.
    My birthday is today. I think I'll be one of those that starts holding today. I'm 39, you know how everyone says, "39 & holding, he he he.)


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