Monday, November 7, 2011

All Aboard the Oregon Trail!

TL's taking a class through about the Oregon Trail.  The class started next week and runs for six weeks.  

Each student is assigned a pseudoname with their family and cattle information.  For their first assignment, they had to write about why the joined the trail, describe their family, and tell what they expect along the way. 

Kevin and I decided to do that class because we thought the exposure to another "teacher" would benefit him.  I've talked lately, about his poor attitude doing his schoolwork, and today I saw alot of improvement.  He was excited to write his journal entry and finished not only that but half of his work by lunchtime.  I'm anxious to read his teacher's comments about his journal entry.  He hates to write, especially creative writing so I was happy that he came up with some really good ideas for his entry.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!!  I'll get updated later this week.  I got behind with my mom here!

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