Sunday, October 16, 2011

I'm really wondering.....

why I can't seem to get my entire to-do list done during the day.

why I can't seem to sew or quilt a little each day.

It seems that there are never enough hours, yet I have all the modern conveniences that my ancestors didn't have.  I don't have to grow my own food (although I'd like to) or clean animals after my hubby shot them.  I don't have to make every single meal from scratch (although I do that most of the time).  I have a refrigerator, stove, and running water.  No going to the well to get water and boiling it to wash dishes, cook, or do laundy.  I won't even get into what it took to take baths. 

I've been limiting my computer time.  I rarely watch tv, most of the time I'm multi-tasking....making dinner, doing lesson plans, etc while the tv is on.

I have a car to drive places, don't have to hitch up a team and drive for hours to get to the store.  I don't have to feed and take care of those animals.

Yet, my ancestors grew their own food, smoked or canned it, dealt without all the modern conveniences to do their everyday chores, and still managed to sew their own clothes, knit their own scarves and mittens, and make quilts.  Why can't I find time during the day to do some sewing? 

One of life's little questions to ponder I guess.......


  1. You have to schedule it in. Plan to sew at least 30 minutes and once you have that down, go for an hour. You will notice that you have accomplished something by the end of the week. You can also set a specific time to sew. I did this one time and was amazed at what I accomplished. Happy planning AND sewing!

  2. I dunno. I seem to be getting less done now than I did a few months ago yet I am spending less time on the computer and such. I think it is because I have a very busy two year old and I spend a lot of time with her and potty training, etc. They must've handled the children differently back then, too.

  3. I ask myself this same question quite often. I have not come up with an answer yet. You'd think with all the modern conveniences we'd just have time rolling off our hands.
    Has the weather cooled down for you guys yet? It's cold here, or at least at night.


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