Friday, October 7, 2011

Our little adventurer

Even though we live in a fifth wheel, Monkey gets into all kinds of trouble.  When we went to dump last week, we couldn't figure out why the water was moving so slowly through the hose and it wasn't emptying.....well, she'd put a small gatorade bottle down the toilet.  I'm also missing the toothpaste, my makeup, and my deodorant.   Everything has now been put up and out of reach.

She still likes to color on the walls.

And climb....

Look what I saw today peeking out from her brother's bunk?

Who me?  She wanted to just stand on the ladder...wouldn't go up or come down.

She fell asleep one day under the table.  She had the chip in her hand but dropped it in her sleep by the time I got the camera.
I wonder what next week will bring with her!!  Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. It is so nice to know I am not going through these things alone. And it is always so much more funny when it is someone else's child doing those things.

    I've caught Faith on top of the bunk bed numerous times this past week.
    She does climb very well.

  2. My Faith was always a climber too. She climbed on everything. She could tie knots at about the age of 3 really, really well. She took yarn one time and wrapped it all around the baby bed and around and around and around everything in the entire room. There were knots tied everywhere. I did a lot of cutting that day. LOL Such precious memories now, but certainly not at that moment. LOL She definitely kept me on my toes.


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