Tuesday, February 22, 2011

quick update

We've had a busy week with Grandpa here.  Most of the time was just spent doing fun things with him.  The kids really enjoy the once or twice a year they get to see him. 

It was especially nice because it was Princess' tenth birthday.  Being a military brat child means that you finally get your military id-so you can shop and show your card to get healthcare benefits.  Grandpa bought her a new wallet and purse for her new id card.  She got to go to dinner all by herself with him too.

We had pictures taken with Grandpa.  My dad loves to get photos done with the kids.  The last ones are years old and the two youngest weren't in them.  It was definitely time for new ones. 

It was hard to see him go this morning.  The girls are sleeping in (he left at 5am) but TL's been up since then to say goodbye.  The baby got up at regular time but Little Miss is also still sleeping.  We're busy when Grandpa's here and they stay up late.  We stretch every moment we have with him.

I'm asking prayers for him now.  When he returns home, he has about a week before he has a biopsy done on his prostate.  Thanks!


  1. Getting that ID card is so exciting, isn't it?? Ellie actually goes to the Shoppette across the street from us by herself. It's so strange for me.

    Glad that the kids got some Grandpa time. We'll keep him our prayers.

  2. It sounds like a wonderful visit. Prayers are on the way. I hope the new shoe survived its washing!

  3. So glad you got to visit with your Dad.

    Our Papaw is coming this weekend and we're excited.
    Eric's mom is having a biopsy done today. :(


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