Friday, February 11, 2011

Weekly wrap up

This week has been busy as usual.  I was able to keep up an organized with my homeschool tracker program.  I know I stopped using it when we moved, I'm not quite sure why I never started again.  Well, actually I do.  I moved from overseas, had to unpack an entire house, and had baby number five a month later.

I moved TL into Apologia Astronomy.  He should actually be in a 7th grade program but half way through the year, I didn't want to spend so much and I had this available in a box.  He was able to melt a candy bar and built a pin hole viewing box.  Thankfully the sun was out and he could do both projects.  The girls are continuing on with Exploring God's Creation-Earth Science.  We're working on water this week.

This week we discussed the 13 colonies and filled in a map of them.  The Salem witch trials also took center stage.  The kids, especially the girls, did not enjoy hearing about this part of our history.  The slave trade didn't do much either to impress them with our past.  I will be moving into Daniel Boone on Monday.

The Three r's
TL is doing well with his studies.  He's working on the first 15 Latin and Greek roots, a vocabulary study, and Saxon Math.  Math is the only thing he seems to be struggling in.  He still does well, but it takes HOURS for him to finish.  And he refuses to copy the problem to the work paper to do it, which is the reason he makes mistakes from trying to squeeze in problems onto a small space.
Princess is making strides with reading and math, although she's still a little behind, she's making a real effort now to catch up.  She's the one who keeps saying she won't do her work and is the hardest to get to cooperate.  Just lately, she's figured out that her friends are moving ahead and she's not, so she's working hard at catching up to them.
Bug-a-bug is the easiest of all the kids.  She'd finish her work in three hours a day if I could just sit and work with her.  She wants to do extra too.
Little Miss Trouble has been learning her colors and how to count to 10.  She's learned a couple of shapes this year and has been learning how to write a, i, and l.  She actually colors within the lines and writes pretty well.  I have some photos I need to post.

The girls are studying Australia.  This was something else I changed in January.  We are going to do a continent study, then a habitat study, and then perhaps an animal study. Most of it will be lapbooks.  The girls enjoy them.
TL will continue to work on his world geography.

The girls are working animal lapbooks.  Princess is doing a horse one and Bug-a-bug is doing one on cheetahs.  TL will start a state project this week for the homeschool fair coming up next month, our theme is American State Fair night.

Next week we will finish our Australia and animal lapbooks on Monday and Tuesday.  My father is arriving on Tuesday night for a week.  Princess' birthday is next week and she's looking forward to seeing Grandpa.  I think we may make a field trip one day, not sure where yet.  The rest of teh time will be spent on quality time with Grandpa.

have a wonderful weekend.  I'll be doing my homework!

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