Thursday, February 24, 2011


We live in western WA which is absolutely beautiful and the wildlife is amazing.  We find it funny that the island that we live on rarely gets snow.  Last year we didn't get anything.  Earlier this year we had two days of snow-about three inches total.  Everything closes.  Roads are hilly and freeze and without the proper equipment, they freeze over and are very dangerous.  Kevin and I think its funny because we're both from snowy areas and the little snow we get here shuts the whole place down.

This time we got about six inches.  Some areas got up to 18.  We may possibly get more snow today, I'm hoping anyway.  I love letting the kids play in the snow.  The only bad part is that after taking off a week for Grandpa's visit, we're now taking snow days.  A little longer than I anticipated, but I can't very well make mine stay in while they watch their friends play in the snow from the schoolroom windows.  Besides, we all had to participate in a snowball fight!!

Looking up the street during the snowfall

Our little tree out front covered with snow

Bug-a-bug playing outside

TL getting ready to send a snowball my way

Little Miss didn't want to play in the snow after we got her outside.  It took her a while to go out and play.  Our neighbors were out and she finally was persuaded to play with her little friend.

The neighbor girls
I know that the snow will be gone soon.  In the meantime we'll enjoy it.  I'm also catching up on some homework and studying.  I have a term paper to write this weekend that I haven't even started the research for yet.  Its gonna be a long weekend!! 


  1. Wow! I haven't talked to my parents in the last day or two. I wonder if they got a bunch of snow also. (They're on Harstine Island). It was so weird spending a winter in the South. No snow. No cold. It is supposed to be 79 degrees tomorrow!! We're ready to pull out the swimsuits and head to the beach. :)

  2. It looks like everyone is having fun. Don't worry about making up for snow days. There will be plenty of wet, rainy days to keep you in the house. How's that for optimism?

  3. Looks like a good time!
    I can not imagine how you do your school on top of everything else. You amaze me.


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