Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Its raining, its pouring......

Yes, that's what it did almost the entire weekend of our camping trip. Luckily, we paid to stay at a nearby KOA so we were treated with activities for the kids, which included an indoor swimming pool.

We arrived Friday night and ate dinner with a few sprinkles. We went to bed and the sky opened up on us all night long. We woke up to our camper and patio being dry and surrounded by a lake. If we walked down along the camper to the street, we could jump the puddle, otherwise it was just a lake.

The 75 year old guy who owned the KOA with his kids came out with his tractor and dug a drainage ditch. In a couple of hours, we were much drier and could get around. Thank goodness because the firepit was under water and you can't roast s'mores under water.

While he was digging the trench, his daughter showed up and said, "and we didn't even charge you extra for the lake front property." We got quite a chuckle out of that. I told her that if she'd let us know ahead of time, we would have brought a boat.

The kids swam, we played bingo(and I won the $64 pot), and so when the rain paused for an hour on Sunday we played minigolf and rented three wheeled bikes with my winnings. It was fun, although wet. I'm SOOOOOOOO glad we don't tent camp. Those people were miserable and why they stayed the whole weekend, I'll never know

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