Thursday, June 10, 2010

Menu Math and camping

I just found a really neat company called Remedia Publications. They have math books that teach life skills-budgeting, checkbook, etc- but the really great find is their Menu Math series.

I have ordered the Menu Math books for the girls. I also placed an order for extra copies of the menus-let's face it, they love to play restaurant and these are exactly what I was looking for. Menus with the picture and the word next to it. Good way to practice their writing/spelling skills too. The word problems are basic, but a good review for the summer and fun too.

For TL, I ordered the Ice Cream Parlor multiplication and division. (with extra menus for playing of course) and the Department Store Math. I will print off a page from each for him to do each week. Looks like about 16-18 word problems a week, he can do that!! Easily. Keeps the skills up and a little fun at the same time!

About a month ago, we went camping at the KOA in Lynden, which is a few miles from the Canadian border. We had a blast. The weather was great and we were parked right behind a pond that we could fish in. Thankfully, the very nice people next to us, let the kids use their poles. We watched The Toothfairy on a big outdoor screen and had popcorn the first night we were there. It was a blast. Here's the view from behind the camper.

The next day was gorgeos so we decided to splurge and let the kids rent the paddle boats. Poor TL had to do all the paddling as Little Miss Trouble couldn't reach the pedals. They were pretty tired after the thirty minute ride!

And here's Daddy and Chunky Monkey watching the paddle boats. Daddy was also talking to a friend that was camping down the way. The Navy is a small world.

I also just saw on Yahoo news that the girl trying to sail the world has been reported as missing. Her parents spoke to her and although the Indian Ocean was really rough, she was okay. An hour later, the Coast Guard was at their door becuase both of her emergency satellite beacons went off. One is in the life raft and the other is on an emergency life suit. They're hoping that if the sailboat starting to sink, she grabbed her ditch bag and went into the raft. Praying for her safe return. What a remarkable young lady!!

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