Friday, May 28, 2010

Rain, rain go away.......

Many of you know that last year we bought a camper. This move was purely selfish on our part. Due to our transfer from overseas to the States, we had a three month time period of being homeless due to my husband attending school between duty stations. We could have lived in hotels and become bankrupt. Our housing allowance comes no where close to paying for hotel rooms, plus we'd have to get two rooms for our family size and find one that takes the dog. So in order to avoid bankruptcy and save my sanity from hauling stuff in and out of a car every night, we purchased a camper.

Not any camper, a 34 foot four bunk camper, with a slide. Did I mention we lived in here for 3 months-its a pretty small space when its rainy and cold out for seven people and a giant dog. I guess I could leave the dog out in the rain but eventually he has to come in and then smell like wet dog.

We're actually thrilled with our purchase. It allows us the flexibility and affordability to go on vacations and weekend trips! Yeah!! I will tell you that we've NEVER had a family vacation because we're always heading home to see family. I love my family and treasure every moment with them, but it will be really nice to take a family vacation this year. We're planning on heading to OR to see Crater Lake, LaPine Forest, and stopping at Mt. St. Helens and Mt Hood during our traveling.

On the weekends, we've been exploring our back yard, I guess you could say. WA is gorgeous and has alot to offer. My only problem is that several weeks ago, it was warm and sunny. Starting last weekend, its moved to cold and rainy. And the forecast is extended into this weekend. And we're going camping again. Its supposed to clear up some tomorrow and more on Sunday and I'm praying it does or the forecaster is totally wrong. The good news is that next weekend will be sunny and gorgeous-cause we're not camping you see!


  1. Enjoy your trip this weekend. Be safe! I'm looking forward to the pictures next week.

  2. I'm trying to not be jealous.
    We would love to have a camper like that. I much prefer to camp than to go on long trips and stay in hotels.
    Your planned trip sounds wonderful. What a blessing to live up there with the mountains and rain forest and coast all close by.

    I think I read a quote to the effect of: "There is no such thing as bad weather, just wrong clothing." Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Commander and the boys are camping this weekend. They called tonight begging for a camper. They are ready to leave tent camping behind. Have a great weekend. Can't wait to see pictures.

  4. We would love to have a camper. We have rain on the forcast for the whole week. My son was watching the weather with me this morning and said that America needed a towell!


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