Saturday, June 26, 2010

so, its been a busy week

First, I'm just a nutty, crazy, insane person. In an attempt to finish my bachelor's degree, I decided to take two upper level courses this summer. What was I thinking?

I guess I was thinking that reading about 400 pages of history a week would be a good time. Or sitting in front of the computer until my eyes literally dry up in my skull would be a good time. I don't know-I had a momentary lapse in judgement.

Today, I spent most of the day working on my rough draft for my term paper in American Indian history. I needed to complete only about five pages of it to hand it-the total for the final assignment is ten. No problem, I'm a pretty good writer, and I had the research kinda laid out. Seven hours later, with countless interruptions for food from the oldest two girls, crying for more juice from the toddler, and crying and crawling from the baby, I barely finished the five pages in time to hand them in.

The reason I'm so far behind, is really my hubby's fault. I can blame him, right? He's not here looking over my shoulder. Monday I took the night off of schoolwork. Tuesday I had every intention of spending several hours doing homework when he arrived home with breakfast burrito making items and proceeded to make 100 breakfast burritos for the chiefs to sell. He got help from our neighbor and his entire family came over until 10pm to help out. No homework done then.

Wednesday, I took a much needed therapy day and went on the Western WA quilt shop hop. They only let me out of the insane asylum once a year, and I always take it when I can! I did do some homework that night and the next two nights.

Today, I spent all day working on this homework, and still have all the discussion questions to post for my other class and take that midterm. As for my many interruptions for today, Kevin and TL were at a taekwondo tournament all day. I really wanted to go but it was two hours away and if we take all the kids, the girls just get bored and we get frustrated. Plus, without the girls, they were able to stay and support the other kids in the school and watch the teachers compete.

TL? How did he do? Well you remember the last tournament that he competed in? The one that we told him that he probably wouldn't get a trophy? It was his first ever competition and there was only one trophy. The experience was the key and also having a good time we said. And then he won? The trophy was three feet high?

Well, this first place sparring trophy in only about 18 inches high. He didn't place for his forms or board breaking-apparently, he just likes to fight. All that Walker, Texas Ranger I guess.

Then, when he got home, I found out that he also did the sword competition. To be honest, I didn't even know they used them because I don't generally get to sit and watch him in class. One of the black belts at our school needed a partner and ran over to ask TL to help her out. They placed first.

So, my son likes fighting and knives-should I be worried?

I will post pictures later. Right now, I'm off to do more homework and hunt down the kiddos to go to bed. Monday, I sign up for the next term. Somebody, please kick me if I try to sign up for two clases again!

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