Sunday, June 13, 2010

Camping at Baker Lake

The chiefs in our command get together every year to go camping at Baker Lake. We usually have a great time. We do not have hook ups in our camper-no water or power so its back to basics camping-well at least as much as I can do. We do have a generator which we use when we have to run things-Kevin needs his coffee pot and I like the hair dryer. I guess we really don't "rough it" do we?

It rained on and off all weekend long. I was grateful that we have the generator because the kids all came into our camper and watched a movie. When you have 9 kids in your camper, its easier to have them all sitting!

Just a little mossy. Its so wet here that the trees always have moss on them:

Here's a view of the lake. We came about a month earlier this year and this year has been much cooler. If finally got to 70 yesterday here. The snow on the mountain hasn't melted yet. Usually, this area is totally covered with water. It was fun to see what was uncovered without the water there.

Mount Baker should be right there in the background but with all the cloud cover, we didn't see it at all this weekend.

Some of the kiddos and some of their friends:

The view of the lake from our campground:

This last shot was taken the day we left-the only sunny day we had so we didn't get to enjoy it much! Maybe next time!

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  1. It may be cloudy, but I'm still jealous.
    I really need to go camping.
    I read a quote recently that said there is no such thing as bad weather, just wrong clothes.....very good for camping.


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