Tuesday, June 8, 2010

so very busy

I just realized that I have photos from three camping trips to post, but I'm crazy busy. I'm desperately trying to clean and organize the house. Y'know the one, I unpacked last year and have been too busy to sort through. I took three boxes of books and things out of the school room. I couldn 't stand the clutter anymore. I also have cleared out some of the living room. Feeling much better around here.

I finished my class and got an A! Yeah!! Now, I started two more classes and they are killing me. About 500 pages of reading a week, plus essays, plus discussion questions-no wonder you haven't heard from me. It will be miracle if I survive the next six weeks!

I had to share these photos with you. I've posted the bald eagles and such we've seen in this area, but this was a treat right down the street the other day. It was overcast and rainy, which is why they aren't that clear. I'm hoping to get better ones this week!

A mommy grey whale and her baby. If you look closely in the second shot, you can see the spout. It was so very cool!!

And while we've been very busy, my kids are still keeping up with their school work! Here's Little Miss Trouble working on her art project:

I hope that this doesn't mean she'll be covered in tattoos when she gets older!


  1. Cool whale sighting! That's new one for me...

    The last shot, though, tugs at my heartstrings. I remember the sticker days when mine were little. I still find stickers in odd places from so many years ago... LOL!

  2. Great pictures. The whale ones were amazing and the last one was just darling. It brought a smile to my face. Thanks for sharing these.


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