Monday, April 9, 2012

School schedules

I'm wondering how many of you school year round?  I'm really thinking about it.  Working for six weeks and then taking a week off.  Two weeks off at Christmas and then maybe a long summer vacation of about eight weeks.  Any thoughts?

Anyone have similiar schedules?  Or do you follow traditional school schedules?

Thoughts and prayers would be appreciated!


  1. I would love to school year round, but my girls are teens and all their friends are out all summer, so it doesn't work. For smaller children, I think it would work great, especially for you. I did find that six weeks was too long for my girls, so I went with 5 weeks. It made ending school take a little longer. Charlotte Mason did 3 months on and 1 month off year round. 3 months is a long time though and children need a break after about 5-6 weeks. Charlotte's schools did Saturdays too. There's no way I would do that. LOL

    I had my girls in a private school and then brought them home. I just stuck with their schedule, but this coming new school year might be different. I haven't quite decided and I'm making lots of changes in curriculum and I'm not sure how all that's going to work. I've noticed that the schools around here don't go enough. I have no idea how they learn anything. They are always out for some type of holiday, etc. They certainly don't do 180 days like is required for homeschoolers.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
    Have a blessed day!

  2. We go year round for the most part. Our summer break is about five weeks give or take a week. We're almost always back in class in mid to late July as it is too stinkin' hot to do anything else anyway. We take a week off for family camping or a trip in October when the weather is wonderful and generally the same in May before our final push to finish up the year's school work at the beginning of June. We're also off the week of Christmas or sometimes a week and half depending on what day it falls. This allows us to be more flexible through the year and do some four day weeks at least once a month.

    I have heard of doing a "Sabbath" schedule of working six weeks and then taking the seventh off. I am really thinking I will do that for "next" year.

  3. For years I did 6 weeks on 2 weeks off with a one month summer break. Last summer I was burned out so we took a 9 week summer break. This year we did nine weeks on two weeks off. This worked well for us but I don't want to take such a long summer break. IT was really hard to get them back into the groove. Also, our spring break did not line up with the neighborhood kids so they were ringing my door bell everyday at 8:30 in the morning. I like the idea of three months on and 1 month off, but I wonder if that would be a hard transition getting back into school. Something I still need to think about.


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