Monday, April 2, 2012

Law of Physics

The law of physics states that when your husband deploys for any length of time, things go wrong.

This week started off with issues with the fridge.  After returning last week from maintenance, my hubby had to level the fifth wheel by himself as the kids and I were off at activities.  It wasn't level so therefore, the fridge wasn't working properly.  In these things, if its not level it won't work.  So Friday, TL and I leveled off the camper.  We filled the ice trays and although it took 8 hours, ice was made.  Fast forward to Saturday morning.

Early in the am, Bug-a-bug came to me with a high fever and sore throat.  As soon as the commissary opened I ran to stock up on stuff.  I went to put the popsicles in the freezer and yep, you guessed it......all the meat was thawed.  I've tried several things, but can't get the fridge to work.

That day the satellite went out.  We've been having issues with the signal.  It comes and goes when it wants.  Thankfully, we have our antenna, but the kids miss their tv.  Its  hard too when someone is sick not to be able to let them sit and watch tv.

All weekend it was cool and extremely windy here.  The kids couldn't go outside to play so we were stuck inside.  I ran to redbox and got a bunch of movies and we made the best out of it.  We played about twenty games of Clue.

Last night, as a treat, we stayed up to watch the CMAs.  We're big country music fans here.  Plus, my hubby was able to attend a free concert in Vegas the night before and they were going to show some footage.  As soon as it was over, I was ushering everyone to bed when Little Miss Trouble emptied her stomach all over the carpet.

Am I done now?  I hope so.  I really don't need anything else to go wrong!


  1. Yikes! Hope that law changes. You dont need to have things messing up when your hubby is gone. Make them happen when he is there;)

  2. So sorry that is all going on. No fun :( Hope all is well again and the fridge starts to cooperate soon.

  3. Oh no! Hope that everything returns to normal soon!!


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