Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The one with the Big Foot..

Hubby's been working the last two days.  It isn't fairing well for his foot.  Its just a little swollen:

I'm not posting the other pick of the side of his foot.  Its dark purple, green, and yellow from severe bruising.  It looks awful.

In my own supportive way, I suggested that we break the other foot so that the swelling matches and he could go into the woods to make Big Foot footprints.  That was a no go.

I also suggested that we take a pin to see if we could "pop" the foot and relieve some pressure.  Also a no go.

Its a good thing, he still has a good sense of humor! 

I think I finally talked him into staying home today.  He's had is foot up but everytime he stands up (with crutches of course), the pain is unbearable from all the blood rushing down to his foot.

Please pray for a speedy recovery!

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