Friday, April 6, 2012


I'm sure you've all heard.  A Navy jet crashed into a neighborhood in Virginia Beach. 

The Navy air community is very small and close.  A friend lives a mile from the crash.  We have two close friends that work in the squadron on the jets.  My friend's husband is a pilot with the squadron and thankfully, he was not in the plane that crashed.

We lived in Virginia Beach for years.  We met and married there.  Its close to my heart.  For years, the navy has been fighting the community because they kept encroaching closer and closer to the base.  It is now totally surrounded by neighborhoods.  Jet noise is a major complaint for many who live there, who ironically buy their houses close to the base.  The base that was there first.  This is going to stir up a hornet's nest within the community.

Please pray for those affected by this crash.  I'm assuming it will be awhile before we know how many were killed in the apartments as they're still putting out the fires. 

A retired EMT had one of the men land in his back yard.  He did a quick check and his neighbors carried him out.  Its important to note, that he was still strapped into his seat.  This means that they waited until the last second to eject.  They are trained to handle all emergencies and try to land safely away from the community.  Unfortunately, its too built up there for them to find a safe place.

My heart and prayers are with the entire community tonight

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