Monday, April 2, 2012

Map Trek

I just found this awesome resource on Currclick. Its called Map Trek and its make by Knowledge Quest.

 I absolutely love geography.  This year, as always, my kids are doing a seperate geography course to learn more about geography and I sprinkle it into their history lessons also.  Map Trek takes all the work of mixing it into your lesson plans.  I love that you can purchase each unit or together in a bundle.  If I'd realized how awesome it was, I would have done the bundle. 

Each topic has three lesson plans.  One for grades 1-4, 5-8, and 9-12.  And the best part is that all the answers are located conveniently on the teacher's page.  Sometimes with TL's program now, we have to really dig and although I don't mind the digging, it would be nice to be able to verify the answers.

The teacher's map is colored and has all the answers for you.  The black and white map is for the student to complete with the lesson plans that are given for the topic that your working on.  I purchased the New World book.  Here are all the topics that are covered:

  • World Map (Landforms)

  • Elizabethan London

  • James Towne

  • African Exploitation

  • Renaissance Italy

  • North America (map 1)

  • North America (map 2)

  • Native American Tribal Groups

  • Plymouth Colony

  • Thirty Years' War

  • Australia Discovered

  • King Philip's War

  • Ming/Qing Dynasties of China

  • The Mughal Empire

  • The Original 13 Colonies

  • The Iroquois League

  • Puritan England

  • Restoration Colonies

  • The Kingdome of Prussia

  • New England Colonies

  • The Middle Colonies

  • The Southern colonies

  • The Seven Years' War

  • The Explorations of Daniel Boone

  • Early Battles of the Revolutionary War

  • The American Revolution

  • The Expansion of Russia

  • The French Revolution

  • Napoleonic Wars

  • Lewis & Clark Expedition

  • Independence for Latin America

  • European Composers

  • European Inventors

  • England - Industrial Revolution

  • War of 1812

  • Growth of the USA (map 1)

  • The Growth of Australia

  • Growth of the USA (map 2)

  • Trails of Expansion in the USA

  • Goldrush in California

  • Westward Expansion/Mexican War

  • The Pony Express/Telegraph Lines

  • European Revolutions of 1848

  • I can honestly say that I never considered doing a map for Daniel Boone.  Or how about the Pony Express and the Telegraph lines?  I can't wait to dig deeper into this set.  

    And did I mention the curriculum integration guides?   The author has taken some of the popular history programs such as Story of the World, Ambleside, and Truthquest and labeled which maps are to be used with each lesson.  What a treasure!

    If you sign up for their newsletter, you can download a free Map Trek sampler.


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