Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Worst paying degrees

I saw an article on Yahoo news yesterday stating the top ten worst paying college degrees. What I saw verified what I've believed for a long time: teachers are underpaid.

Education was listed as number seven on the list, but the saddest is that Elementary Education is listed as number TWO! That's horrible!! There are so many wonderful teachers out there that are bogged down in the system of teaching the tests, oversized classes, not enough resources, and now they get to add low pay to their long list. Its sad that so many wonderful teachers are being forced out because they're not getting paid what they are really worth.

Not to mention the fact, they children are with them all day long. Does our society not deem teachers or children important enough to solve this issue?

I think I'm going to snuggle with my kids now and be thankful that I homeschool.....


  1. and yet our country has one of the highest dollars spent per student and "they" still insist that if we throw more money at the system all the problems will be solved. Oh, I can get on a soapbox with this one.

  2. Many I have known got second jobs. And sadly they made more than I do now in low class job.A no skilled job. I'd give eye teeth for that much.

    The other sad part is that dedicated teachers like to take money out of their own pocket and donate to the classrooms, and well it makes it more difficult for them to do so.

  3. I'm a stay-at-home-dad because we couldn't survive on my teaching salary. The wife's income potential is tremendous!


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