Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Study helps

Here's a little article I posted in our homeschool group newsletter containing some different ideas to do with your studies. If you have any others to add, I'd love to hear them.

Sometimes, its difficult to think of new projects or ideas to stimulate your child’s learning. Workbooks get very boring after a while, even to us parents! Here’s some ideas to help you with your studies:

1. Salt dough map
2. Make costumes
3. Do a puppet show or play
4. Have a themed dinner
5. Create a power point presentation
6. Make a lapbook or notebook
7. Build a diorama
8. Build a time machine to travel back into time
9. Create a collage
10. Have your child invent a game that’s based on their learning
11. Make a diary entry based on the person that your studying
12. Design a new cereal
13. Make a travel brochure
14. Make a time line
15. Make a comic strip
16. Make a newspaper


  1. Great list! I like the idea of making games to go with your learning theme.

  2. Very thorough list! DVDs, on-line sites, CDs, etc. to go with your units...that's about hte only other thing I can think of right now...



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