Monday, May 17, 2010

These past two weeks have gone by in a crazy tornado whirlwind. My mother arrived for a visit for the first week. We only get one week together a year. School is cancelled and the kids get to play with Grammy. The girls get their nails painted, hair done, learn to knit, swing on the swings, the boy gets good conversation and some one on one time. My mom is working two jobs, so we hung around the house most days. Its more relaxing and she got some much needed rest. We did go to Deception Pass so she could see some of our island.

As you can see, my mother and I don't look much alike. She has American Indian in her line (so the family story goes). Her great grandmother liked to "entertain" outside her marriage. I'm trying to get her grandmother's birth certificate to see if the real father is listed or her husband is listed as the father. That's a story for another day.

I also completed my class, thank goodness!! I was teetering between an A and B, so we'll see how I did later this week. I have to start reading for my next two classes. I'm taking two classes at a time for the next eight sessions and finishing my degree by next Christmas. It will be really hard and I hope to be able to do it and do it well (my type A of course). My classes start on the 31st, but I have six of the eight books already and so far there's 2400 pages of reading-so I'm starting early. Plus, we go on vacation, so I want to be ahead anyway and get it all done before I go and just study for my finals while we're traveling.

We went camping this past weekend. KOA's all over were offering a night free this weekend, so we went. I'll post pictures later. It was a lot of fun, although crowded. We backed up to the pond, so it wasn't so bad where we were. We're off for the next two weekends too. Should be fun!

And we have a field trip this week to a miniature cattle farm and park days start. And we're off!! Have a great week everyone!


  1. How wonderful your mother was able to come for a whole week!

    We have Indian blood in our line. My brother got it....he is dark. I am very fair and had light hair.....we look nothing alike, but have the same two parents.

    I have never seen mini cows. I'd love for you to post pics of that field trip!

  2. Mom visted! Very cool. Grandma breaks are always fun!


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