Monday, May 24, 2010

I am truly Lost!

What to do? What to do? My two favorite tv shows are ending this week. Last night was the finale of Lost. It was fantastic!! I love the way they reunited everyone together-I cried when Claire and Charlie and then Juliet and Sawyer were brought together again. I loved the writing of Lost. A truly remarkable show that had you always guessing. Who was the smoke monster? Where did the polar bear come from? Will Jack and Kate ever be happy together?
Tonight '24' ends. I must admit, this show is totally wild and crazy. I'm not thrilled with the turn that Jack Bauer has taken this year. His actions are pretty outta character for him, but with all he's been through, he has a right to crack, right?
I love tv shows that created unexpected story lines, twists and turns. Jericho was another fav of my hubby and myself, but they took that off. Northern Exposure was another huge favorite of mine. I have almost every season and pop it in all the time.
I don't watch alot of tv. In fact, I only watch three other shows-Castle, CSI:NY, and Criminal Minds and if I don't catch them its not a big deal. Lost and 24 were the only ones I HAD to watch every week. We do watch alot of History channel and I guess since I start school full time next week, its good that my shows are ending.
Still, I'll miss them terribly.......

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  1. We enjoyed the LOST finale, too. I wasn't too fond of the final 15 minutes or the message it contained, but life isn't perfect.


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