Saturday, February 15, 2014

Weekly Wrap up

I've been quite busy this week getting ready to start college in a few weeks.  I'll be taking two classes at once, so life is going to be very busy indeed.  I'm looking forward to getting my master's done....but it will be a struggle.

As if our weeks aren't busy enough with Boy Scouts, American Heritage Girls, Taekwondo, and volunteering at the church's afterschool program, the older girls and I have thrown in some bible studies.  Princess and Bug a Bug are attending a girls study with the Pastor's wife.  I am attending a meaty discussion on Malachi.

I've been planning out the garden and its expansion.  I just ordered some more fruit trees (it will stop being cold and snowy one day right?) and berries.  I will have to order more cinder blocks and a load of dirt so that we can  build more beds.  I love our raised garden beds!

I have also been working on some cleaning and organizing that I won't have time for once we finish school.  

In school this week:

The big girls are workly on an Olympic study.  They have to research six countries and follow and then graph their medal standings.  They also have to research two sports and write a short report on them.  We've been staying up late watching the Olympics, so our school days have been shorter, but we all love the Olympics so we're enjoying the sacrifice.

The big girls are working on the Human Body.  We will be adding in some games and Professor Noggins cards to help us out.

TL is finishing up Adventures of Huck Finn and is doing well with Biology.  Spanish is difficult for him, but he is making huge strides and trying really hard.

Trouble is doing really well with her reading.  I need to be more consistent though.  I've let it goes several times and she needs the practice.  We're still working on short vowel words, but I anticipate her starting other books in the next month or so.

Have a wonderful and safe week everyone

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  1. You have such energy! I am always awed by all you accomplishment and with so little help!
    Blessings, Dawn


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