Friday, February 21, 2014

Let is snow.....

I took several days off this week.  I really needed to pray, rethink, and readjust our schedules.  I start school next month and was realistically trying to figure out how I was going to do all of it.  

I just revamped the kids chore charts...and mine.  Each big kid is assigned an area and responsible for it during the week.  They also each take one day to pick up the bathroom and clean the sink.....which for some reason acquires toothpaste art every single day.  I will be working with the littles in their area, which will train them and help me get things done.

I have also worked on school items that needed to be done.  It was good to be able to clean up those items and organize.  This weekend, I hope to clean up the kitchen good and clean out the basement.  

Other than that, we've been up to snow. And snow.  And some more snow.  Not a lot, except the eight inches yesterday, but the wind has been crazy this year.  The fields are empty, but not my house.....its all been blown to my house.

See for yourself:
On the other side of this giant pile is the driveway.  You can see the little barn roof on the top off in the distance

This is the same pile, but I took the picture with the garage and playhouse so you could see how tall it is

This is the other side of that same pile.  And I swear that there are stairs underneath all that snow that lead up to the deck

TL is standing in front of the tree so you can see how high that pile is in front of the barn.  Before the storm it was about a three foot drift and had a six foot path to get to the barn.  Thank goodness we don't have any animals in there, we couldn't get in.  The wood is stored in there though, so I'm thankful we didn't loose power

The driveway.  The drifts are 3-4 feet tall.  It was clear before the storm.
So, we are officially snowed in.  Who knows when they will plow the road.  We're a small town road, so the last to be plowed.  My friend will have to bring over the skid loader to get us dug out.  Not sure when he'll get to that, we're last on the list for him to do.  Poor guy, he's been plowing for about 12 hours already today.

Take care everyone!


  1. Wow! That is some amazing snow drifts. My goodness. I am glad you have power.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. Yep, you look snowed-in alright! I hope you finally got plowed out. We made it to church today, but most of the roads were like an ice rink. Thankfully we live in the country and back roads have few cars.


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