Sunday, July 8, 2012

Our new home

I've been kinda quiet lately.  We've been searching for and found a small farm in MN.  If the appraisal and inspection go well we'll be closing at the end of August.

The kids and I will be living there until my hubby retires from the Navy.  It wasn't an easy choice for us to make.  Three years is a long time.  Because he is on sea duty, he will be gone alot with workups and a deployment.  Home prices are so low along with low interest rates and now is the time to buy.

We're excited.  The kids are thrilled.  Five moves in ten years have taken their toll.  TL especially wants to settle down somewhere.  I'm looking forward to not having my neighbors live on top of me, or following someone else's rules in my home, and having walls that are painted a flat white paint. 

We're hoping to have some chickens and a beef cow.  Our cousin is a hog farmer so we can get a pig from him.  Hubby was even dreaming of rabbits....we'll see.  I'm looking forward to really decorating and enjoying our new space.

Please pray that all goes well during the closing and move.


  1. It's beautiful! I can see that your family would be very happy there.

  2. How exciting! It looks like a wonderful home to raise kids in. Three years is a long time. I hope with all of the communications we have now it will be easier.
    Blessings, Dawn

  3. I'm soooo excited for you!!!! It looks wonderful. I'll be praying that all goes well. I long for a place with land (a huge yard), don't have that now.

  4. I am thrilled for you, MIchelle!
    I kinda relate to your desire to nest. With our house having been on and off the market the past three years we couldn't really live in it. I am ready to make a HOME, too. Are you on Pinterest yet????? It will only exacerbate the nesting instinct, but so many wonderful homey ideas there.

    How often will your hubby be able to come home?
    Do you have family close by to there????

    It looks like a beautiful home and farm and a wonderful place to raise your children. Again, I am so happy for you.


    1. Thanks Tracy!! I am on Pinterest but don't really "get" it yet. Not enough time to play around I guess

      We hope he can home twice a year for 12 days or so each time. Plus, we hope to come to CA and stay for about six weeks during the winter.

      My inlaws are three hours south of us. My husband's cousin is 20 minutes to the northeast and one of our best friends is 20 minutes to the northwest.

      Good luck with all of your moving!! I know how hard it is to do!

  5. How exciting!!!! I'm looking forward to settling down one day - and having animals and a garden and lots of space. :)


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