Friday, July 13, 2012

Ch Ch Changes

So with our move coming up, I'm trying not to stress too much.  I have another week of classes with two papers and two finals and I'm not nearly ready.  I have to sort and pack stuff.  I have to not melt in the heat.  109 yesterday with 35% humidity.  I'm so ready to move to a climate with four seasons!!

While we are living in MN, hubby will continue to be stationed here.  He will come home twice a year for about two weeks a time.  We also hope, depending on his schedule and when he'll be gone, that we will be able to come out to CA to see him for 6 weeks or so in the winter.  Thank goodness for skype so we can talk to him every day!!  My in-laws live about three hours south and we have a good friend about 20 minutes away from us.  It will be nicer to be closer to family.  30 plus hours of driving time is too far away and its been ten years like that.

With our pending move to the country and our little farm, we have made some changes to our school program for next year.  Right now, TL's reading Storey's Guide to Raising Chickens and is about a fourth of the way done.  After that he'll be reading Storey's Guide to Raising Beef Cattle and doing an agriscience program for science.  The girls will have their science program changed too.  They will be studying Horse and Pony Fact File.  Guess what animals that they want to get?

We hope by next spring to have the cow and chickens in place.  The first year, I plan on doing chickens for eggs only.  The next year for meat.  I'm not sure if we'll get a pig or just get one from his cousin who farms them.  He lives about twenty minutes away.  In a few years, we'd like to get horses. 

Hope everyone enjoys their summer!!  Keep cool!


  1. Oh Boy! Such big changes for you. I hope they all go well. Good luck on your finals.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. You'll do great!
    It sounds like you guys are excited about your new home and all the potential it holds for each of you.

  3. By the time your children finish with their studies, you all will be regular farmers. I'm excited for you all. Don't know how you guys are going to make it without daddy every day. I would go crazy without my hubby around. Praying for you. How long will it be before you move?


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